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Kid-Friendly Christmas Recipe: Apple Crumble (and a Christmas Poem!)

christmas apple crumble recipe the magic spicebox
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Foodie mama Namita shares one of her favourite kid-friendly Christmas recipes, and a poem celebrating a beloved spice of the season!

In 2016, frequent Sassy Mama contributor Namita Moolani Mehra collaborated with illustrator (and mama of two) Heetal Dattani Joshi to publish The Magic Spicebox, a wonderful children’s book that combines poems, whimsical illustrations, and kid-pleasing recipes that are both tasty AND pretty healthy — a major passion of Namita’s!

With Christmas just around the corner now, Namita has shared one of her favourite recipes, “Smells Like Christmas” Apple Crumble, from the book, along with its companion poem. You’ll find the downloadable recipe card at the bottom of this post; why not try this delicious concoction out in the kitchen soon with your little ones, mama?

christmas recipe magic spicebox

“Is it Christmas yet, Mummy?
When is it, I don’t remember!”
“Not yet, my darling,” said Mummy,
“it’s only just September!

Santa’s on vacation,
And the elves are in their resting phase.
You’ll have to be patient
And count down at least a hundred days!”

Anya felt super sad:
Why oh why was Christmas so far away?
Mummy felt sorry, then said,
“I know! Let’s just pretend it’s today!”

But how could it be Christmas
Without Santa and without a tree?
“If you think it and feel it and smell it,”
said Mummy, “of course it will be!”

Smell it? Wondered Anya.
Whatever does Mummy mean?
“It’s the magic of of warm cinnamon,”
said Mummy, “that smells like a festive dream!

We’ll wear red socks and bake treats,
Then our home will smell divine.
We’ll wrap presents, sing jolly jingles,
And it will be just like Christmas-time!”

Click below to download the “Smells Like Christmas” Cinnamon Apple Crumble!



Click here to purchase a copy of The Magic Spicebox!

Recipe and images courtesy of The Magic Spicebox, published by Scholastic.

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