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Where To Find The Best Bubble Tea In Singapore 

Best bubble tea in Singapore
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Bubble tea: it came, it saw, it conquered. Debating which is the best bubble tea in Singapore? We break down the top bubble tea brands for you to enjoy a satisfying cup of boba.

There’s nary a soul in Singapore who doesn’t know what bubble tea is, especially if you’ve got a penchant for sweet desserts and ice cream. Originally hailing from Taiwan, the beverage is commonly made with a base of tea, milk, fruit juice, or a blend of all three. The toppings, however, are the star of the show. The iconic black boba pearls are usually made from tapioca starch, but modern tea brands have since adapted it to include other fun flavours and ingredients. What makes bubble tea even more appealing is the fact that many brands have loyalty cards where returning customers can collect points or stamps to get drink upgrades and freebies. And since it’s so popular (especially with kids and teens), you can bet it’s easy to find bubble tea near you!

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Best bubble tea in Singapore:

Chicha San Chen

Best bubble tea in Singapore - Chicha San Chen
Image Credit: Chicha San Chen via Facebook

Chicha San Chen takes the “tea” in bubble tea seriously. Not only are Chicha San Chen’s tea leaves naturally cultivated in its own tea farms, but each cup is also freshly brewed with each order. Its tea and recipes have been specially handcrafted by Taiwanese tea masters to bring out the best possible flavour and scent. Now add some boba to it for a modern, accessible, and refreshing beverage. The Chicha San Chen menu superstars include classics like Bubble Milk Tea and Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Bubbles. Been there, done that? Change things up with fun bubble tea flavours such as Sakura Oat Milk Tea, Perrier Sparkling Peach, and Mango Cream Pie, to name a few.

Chicha San Chen, multiple bubble tea locations in Singapore including Orchard, Jurong and Punggol,


Best bubble tea in Singapore - iTea
Image Credit: iTea via Facebook

With over 40 bubble tea shops in Singapore, you may very well find an iTea outlet in almost every corner of  towns. Besides the bubble tea classics, some of its popular bubble tea menu items include fruit teas such as Grapefruit Green Tea with Pomelo, Peach Green Tea with White Pearl, and Mango Sago with Pomelo–perfect to quench your thirst in Singapore’s tropical heat. You have an abundance of bubble tea choices, though. Pair over 70 tea bubble tea flavours with some 19 options of toppings, including classics such as grass jelly and aloe vera, and hearty options such as yam paste and mango meat. You can also order iTea’s Q Ball Grass Jelly desserts with an array of toppings if you want something more filling.

iTea, multiple locations including Hougang, Tampines and Jurong,

Gong Cha

Best bubble tea in Singapore - Gong Cha
Image credit: Gong Cha via Facebook

Gong Cha needs no introduction, seeing that the pearl tea brand boomed in popularity when it first arrived in Singapore about a decade ago. The Taiwan bubble tea brand is now a household name with over 1,500 bubble tea outlets worldwide. Perfect for picky folks, Gong Cha’s bubble tea menu items can be fully customised, from your choice of base tea and toppings to the temperature and level of sweetness. You’ll find many patrons ordering bubble tea best-sellers such as the Taro Drink and Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly. If you’re a little more adventurous, though, check out Gong Cha’s Creme Brulee lattes and milk foam toppings for a truly creamy experience.

Gong Cha, multiple locations including Bugis, Simei and Orchard,


Best bubble tea in Singapore - Liho
Image Credit: Liho via Instagram

Having been around since 2017 and homegrown in Singapore, LiHo bubble tea could very well be considered Singapore’s bubble tea pride and joy. It was first known for its fluffy, sweet and slightly salty cream topping called CheezHO. But of course, that’s just one of the many bubble tea options you can order; its fragrant Earl Grey Milk Tea is a hit with customers, as is its aromatic Da Hong Pao Milk Tea which uses premium tea leaves. Avocado lovers will also be delighted with LiHo’s creamy Avocado Series which comes in variations such as Golden Avocado and Pandan Avocado.

LiHo, multiple bubble tea locations including Orchard, Jurong and Sentosa

R&B Tea

Best bubble tea in Singapore - R&B Tea
Image Credit: R&B Tea via Facebook

Those with a sweet tooth will probably find comfort in R&B Tea’s bubble tea offerings–not because it’s extra sugary, but because its fruit tea bubble tea offerings are made with fresh fruits and natural ingredients. R&B Tea’s Baby/Mighty Luffy is akin to a tropical punch, made with Hawaiian Red Tea, and refreshing and zesty watermelon, lime, lemon and orange. If you’re craving a classic bubble tea refreshment, you’ve also got fragrant tea blends to choose from, including Oolong, Ceylon Black Tea and Jasmine Green Tea. And yes, you can have these topped with indulgent cheese cream, macchiato style.

R&B Tea, multiple bubble tea locations including Marina Bay, Toa Payoh and Hougang,


Best bubble tea in Singapore - Koi The
Image Credit: KOI Thé via Facebook

The first thing you will notice about KOI Thé beverages (often referred to as Koi bubble tea) is that its boba takes on a lustrous golden hue instead of the standard black pearls. Enter the Golden Bubble Milk Tea which won’t disappoint classic BBT lovers. Choose from Koi milk tea flavours ranging from nutty hazelnut to fruity lychee, or freshen up with flavoured tea which includes lemon, lime, passion fruit and Yakult variations. Besides Koi’s golden bubble topping, there’s also the option of ice cream, coffee and grass jellies, and favourites like ai yu and taro to customise your bubble tea beverage.

KOI Thé, multiple bubble tea locations including Chinatown, Punggol and Jurong,

The Whale Tea

Best bubble tea in Singapore - The Whale Tea
Image Credit: The Whale Tea via Facebook

It’s difficult not to do a double take when you spot a beverage from The Whale Tea. It’s got arguably some of the most striking bubble tea concoctions, such as the three-tiered Volcanic Sapphire Whale in blue, milky white, and golden-coloured collagen peach gum. Another stand-out is the Blue Whale, featuring the fruity crystal blue jelly. For something more filling, you’ll find dessert in a cup with The Whale Tea’s Cheezo Tea series, featuring its Strawberry Cheezo Milk and Mango Cheezo Milk.

The Whale Tea, multiple bubble tea locations including Choa Chu Kang, Suntec City and Punggol,


Best bubble tea in Singapore - Hollin
Image Credit: Hollin via Instagram

As if you needed another reason to have bubble tea every day, Hollin will keep you going back for more with different boba flavours offered each day. Go on a Sunday to try the lychee flavour, order a cup on Tuesdays for fragrant osmanthus, or set a calendar notification to try rock salt on Wednesdays. Pair them with Hollin’s signature macchiato tea, featuring light and velvety whipped cream made with Himalayan rock salt for an elevated flavour. Other than a selection of classic and fruit tea bubble tea options, there’s even a Belgium Cocoa bubble tea option that’s a rather unique find amongst bubble tea menus.

Hollin, multiple bubble tea locations including Punggol, Orchard and Holland Village,


Best bubble tea in Singapore - Each-a-Cup
Image Credit: Each-A-Cup via Instagram

Conceived in 1999, Each-A-Cup was an early player in the blossoming bubble tea trend back in the day. Today, you’ll find outlets still standing strong all over Singapore featuring an extensive bubble tea menu. You’ll be able to spot some early 2000s favourites such as Honeydew Milk Tea and Green Apple Green Tea on the menu. There are also coffee and cheese concoctions to try, plus an array of teas including Red Tea, Oolong Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea. Each-A-Cup is also considered a relatively cheap bubble tea brand in Singapore, so it won’t hurt your wallet too much.

Each-A-Cup, multiple bubble tea locations including Bedok, Holland Village and Woodlands,

I Love Taimei

Best bubble tea in Singapore - I Love Taimei
Image Credit: I Love Taimei via Facebook

If you’re looking for a 360-degree Taiwanese bubble tea experience, perhaps I Love Taimei can tame those cravings. It has Taiwanese street food favourites, including crispy chicken and fries, to go with your choice of tea. Amongst its many recommended drinks, there are some colourful bubble tea options that are Instagram-worthy. Check out the bright blue 1988 Milk Tea which is made with winter melon and butterfly pea, and the pastel-coloured Double Yammy bubble tea which comes with lots of yam.

I Love Taimei, multiple locations including Sembawang, Bishan and Eunos,


Best bubble tea in Singapore - PlayMade
Image Credit: PlayMade via Facebook

You won’t find regular boba at PlayMade. Instead, change things up with a choice of yummy handmade toppings, the most recognisable being the striking Pink Cactus Boba. If you visit a PlayMade outlet every day of the week, you’ll also notice that the roster of boba flavours changes almost daily. For instance, its Burnt Caramel Boba is only available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, while you can only get Chrysanthemum Boba on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. There are other bubble tea flavours, too, of course, and if you can’t choose just one, pick a combination of three to go with the array of tea flavours available.

PlayMade, multiple bubble tea locations Including Novena, Toa Payoh and Tampines, 

Tea Tree Cafe

Best bubble tea in Singapore - Tea Tree Cafe
Image Credit: Tea Tree Cafe via Facebook

Traditional Chinese desserts hit differently; bo bo cha cha, peanut cream, tang yuan–these remind us of comfort food carefully prepared by Popo (grandma). At Tea Tree Cafe, you can indulge in that, plus equally hearty bubble tea. Whether you’re craving classic teas, fruit teas, yakult teas or even something fizzy, Tea Tree Cafe has something for you. Feel like a kid again with its Strawberry Ice Cream Soda and Chocolate Milk, or find comfort in Peppermint Milk Tea.

Tea Tree Cafe, multiple locations including City Hall, Tampines and Punggol,


Best bubble tea in Singapore - Mixue
Image Credit: Mixue via Instagram

You may recognise Mixue for its adorable Snow King mascot, but this ice cream and tea brand also has an interesting menu. Among the unique beverages you’ll find here, some standouts include the Red Bean Milk Tea, Coconut Jelly Milk Tea, Ice Cream Milk Tea, and Cheese Bobo Milk Tea. Mixue’s fruit teas are also a hit in Singapore and you can quench your thirst with refreshing options such as Mango Pomelo Taro, Strawberry Bobo and Taro Grape.

Mixue, multiple locations including Bugis, Serangoon and Paya Lebar,


Best bubble tea in Singapore - Heytea
Image Credit: Heytea via Facebook

Taiwanese milk tea may reign supreme, but here’s a bubble tea brand from Guangdong, China that has won the hearts of those in Singapore. HEYTEA made its name thanks to its cheese foam tea (known as Cheezo) as well as its other modern tea concoctions. Its drinks use fresh natural fruits and premium milk with no artificial flavours, creamers or colours, so you’ll be getting authentic flavours with every gulp. Its Grape Bloom drinks are a go-to for fans of the brand, as are its Brown Sugar Bobo Milk and Mango Boom drinks.

HEYTEA, multiple bubble tea locations including Orchard, Harbourfront and Jurong,


Best bubble tea in Singapore - Kebuke
Image Credit: KEBUKE

If you’ve ever walked the streets of Taipei, you would be familiar with the name KEBUKE. Well, this Taiwanese favourite has now arrived on Singapore shores. That’s right, you can now get a taste of its signature bubble tea beverages such as the Signature Black Tea, Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Latte and Peach Rice Oolong Tea. You may also very well be the first to try its new Singapore-exclusive bubble tea recipes, including the Biscoff Black Tea Latte, Rice Oolong Milk Tea and Proton Fruit Tea Series.

KEBUKE, 160 Orchard Road, #01-11/12, Singapore 238842,

Bober Tea

Best bubble tea in Singapore - Bober Tea
Image Credit: Bober Tea via Instagram

Bober Tea may be a relatively smaller bubble tea brand, but it’s here to contend with its wide array of offerings. On the Bober Tea menu are creative mixes such as the Brown Sugar Crème Brûlée and a striking purple Taro Latte. But of course, if you prefer something more familiar, then go right ahead and scour through the many bubble tea renditions to find one that suits you best.

Bober Tea, multiple locations including Tampines, Bukit Panjang and Clementi,


Best bubble tea in Singapore - Sharetea
Image Credit: Sharetea via Instagram

Sharetea is a reliable option when bubble tea cravings hit. It’s got all the usual offerings, including ice blended drinks to beat Singapore’s notorious heat and cheese foam ‘Creama’ options for a creamy twist. You’ll find its non-alcoholic mojito-inspired menu particularly refreshing as these green tea-based drinks come with fresh lime and mint. You’ll also be able to find a satisfying gulp in its taro milk tea and Thai milk tea that comes with pearls.

Sharetea, multiple locations including Yishun, Woodlands and Orchard,

So, which one is your favourite bubble tea?

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Lead image credit: Gong Cha, Chicha San Chen, The Whale Tea, Playmade via Facebook

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