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Niku Kin

Niku Kin (肉金), 53 Craig Road, Singapore 089691, 
Tel: +65 9817 0591,

Niku Kin (肉金), is a newly opened Hokkaido Wagyu Yakiniku Restaurant along Craig Road owned by two Japanese Chefs from Hokkaido, Chef Tsubo and Chef Rafael Andres Bueno Mendoza. Yakinuku, for the uninitiated, involves grilling your own meats at your table. Niku Kin offers top-grade premium Hokkaido Wagyu meats, imported fresh (never frozen) from Farm Chiyoda Biei Cho rearing top grade Black Wagyu cows. There are 32 cuts, from rib to rump, with different levels of marbling, fat content and umami intensity. Best news is that dishes are affordable — between $15 (80grams) for the brisket cut to $43 (80grams) for the premium Tenderloin cut. Other dishes include Wagyu Tartare ($14.90), Wagyu Sushi set ($17  for 5 slices), and their winning Wagyu Katsu Hamburg at $12.90. Set menus are priced at $48, $128 and $338 for groups of more than five.

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