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Are You Doing All You Can To Ensure Your Child Is Exposed to Cultural Diversity?

OWIS culturally diverse school
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As a parent of a school-aged child, it’s your responsibility to give your child every advantage in life. Here’s why selecting a culturally diverse school that prepares your child to become a responsible citizen is so key

Do you want to raise kind, open-minded kids? Choosing a school environment like the one offered by One World International School that embraces a multicultural experience, is such an important part of raising accepting, culturally-aware children. Exposing your child to people from various cultures gives your child a richer experience that reflects the real world so much better than if they are only ever around peers from the same ethnic group or country. The value found in cultural diversity is priceless. Here’s what we know so far.

Diversity Helps Children Think “Internationally”

It is not enough for students to learn about people from other cultures and different backgrounds from a textbook. Cultural immersion makes a difference. Children who sit next to or are partnered with friends who speak a different first language will still find a way to communicate effectively. Plus, making a friend from another culture will give your child a huge advantage – they might be invited into their home on playdates and experience their customs, their food, and perhaps get an understanding of where they come from and their faith. As a result, they’ll learn about parts of the world they’ve yet to visit and have more understanding and acceptance of different ways of doing things.

These are the students who develop a keen global awareness. And when they make decisions as adults, they understand that people outside their communities may be impacted accordingly. These are future diplomats, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. An academic background that challenges how they view the world as young people will easily benefit them throughout life.

Cultural Diversity Fosters Open-mindedness

The best way to truly understand cultural norms, traditions and beliefs is to interact with people different from ourselves. Students who learn in a multicultural environment recognise and appreciate these differences. These students learn kindness early on, and they’re often more open-minded than students who’ve been denied the privilege. A multicultural learning environment helps even the youngest students realise that their community is only one small part of a big, exciting world.

OWIS culturally diverse school

Empathy and Tolerance Blossom in a Diverse Environment

Maybe the most important lesson your children will learn as part of a culturally diverse classroom is to accept everyone for who they are in all their uniqueness. Your children may have friends who dress differently or speak a different language, but those differences are only minor. And these differences don’t diminish who someone is or devalue their worth, on the contrary, it adds to their uniqueness and interest. This is an important lesson for students who go on to pursue higher education or careers in foreign countries. Empathy and tolerance are essential parts of a peaceful world. So are acceptance and generosity. Enrol your child in an international school that emphasises their importance and teaches students to develop them from an early age.

Students at One World International School (OWIS) in Singapore benefit immensely from a diverse student body. At OWIS, there are students from more than 70 different nationalities around the world. They maintain this diversity by limiting each individual nationality to no more than 30% of the student population. The multicultural student body allows children to connect with classmates from other backgrounds, cultures and geographic locations. It creates a solid foundation for students to become lifelong learners and take on tomorrow’s leadership positions. It allows them to develop important skills such as communication, collaboration and values like empathy and tolerance, which prepare children to become responsible citizens and successful global leaders.

To learn more about the diverse community at OWIS and how they prepare students to become future leaders, set up a virtual school tour today!

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