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Chat to Santa with the MagicFriends Xmas App!

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Prepare your littlies, mama, because thanks to the magic of technology, they will now be able to call up and chat with the Big Red Man himself! That’s right, Santa’s got himself an iPhone!

With the brilliant new  MagicFriends Xmas app, kids will be able to chat to Father Christmas about anything and everything in the lead up to the holidays. All you need to do is download the app to your apple device and simply have a friend or family member be Santa’s puppeteer on a second Apple device.

magicfriends app

The in-app voice changer will alter their voice and the puppeteer will be able to control Santa’s animations, so kids will be positively delighted hearing from Saint Nick himself as he chats, jumps, waves, winks, dances and twirls on the screen. But that’s not all: Santa will also be joined by his buddies Candy the elf, Sam the snowman and Prancer the reindeer, which means endless festive fun for munchkin!

So, what are you waiting for mama? Download this fantastic FREE app by visiting or get it directly from the App Store!

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