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Canvas: New Prepaid Debit Card for Kids & Helpers at $2.99/month (Get a FREE Trial & $5 Credit!)

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Looking for a better way to manage your family’s spending? Try a pre-paid Visa debit card from Canvas for cashless payments (plus find out how to get $5 credit and a free trial!)

Do your children have a kids’ debit card? How about your helper – how does she make payments while running errands for the family? We can’t even recall how many times someone in the family has run out of cash while out and about. Or how about those times when you just don’t have enough time to hit up an ATM when the kids or your helper really needs some cash? With Covid-19 proving to have a long-term presence in our lives, cashless payments should be the way to go so your family members don’t have to risk their hygiene by exchanging and holding on to bank notes! What if we told you there’s a much better solution to managing payments that’ll work for the whole family?

Canvas is a new pre-paid Visa debit card and app combination that gives you a convenient, cashless solution to family finance and household expenses. You can handle top-ups and check balances easily from the app, plus you don’t have to open a new bank account for your kids or helper for them to start using it!

How Canvas works

Simply sign up through the Canvas app (available on the App Store or Google Play) with your details and indicate how many cards you require. Every child and/or domestic worker in the family can receive a card with their name on it. Your cards will arrive within 10 days of ordering, then all you have to do is activate the cards, add money to them and your kids or helper can start spending!

Top up and see transactions in real-time

As a parent/employer, you have complete visibility of all transactions made using Canvas cards through the free Canvas app. You can control how much you’d like to top up (using PayNow, credit/debit card or bank transfer) and conveniently check the balance of each card on the go. Your helper can buy groceries, take transport, pick up dry cleaning, pay for vet’s bills and more with their card – so if you’re at work and she needs more money for something, you can simply top up and transfer money to the card straight from the app!

For kids, it’s the perfect combination of pocket money and the first step to financial independence! While the cards can’t be used to withdraw money, they can be used anywhere Visa is accepted as well as online. Kids can use it for everything from their weekly allowance to managing daily expenses like public transport and cab fares, and after-school meals with friends. Plus it’s a great way to start talking to your kids about understanding how to manage and plan their spending.

We also love that the cards are made safer with the ability to be locked via the app in case they get lost or stolen!

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Free 30-day trial before you commit

Enjoy Canvas for free for the first 30 days! After this period, the subscription fee is $2.99 per card per month. It’s great that we now have this option for a convenient, safe and not to mention hygienic alternative to cash for less than the price of a cup of coffee every month!

Get $5 free credit for all kids’ cards when you sign up from now till June 2021!

Brought to you in partnership with Canvas

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