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Bud of Joy: Healthy goodies for bread heads

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Bud Of Joy is an artisanal bakery providing healthy organic baked goods, just like those you wish you had time to make at home yourself! Besides being organic, everything is made from scratch without pre-mixes or any artificial colours and flavours and they select their ingredients based on their special qualities. Even the salt and water! The water is filtered before being used and the salt used is Himalayan Rock Salt. Needless to say, in this bakery, all flours, oils, nuts, dairy products and sweeteners are also scrutinized before being chosen for use. A close look at the ingredient labels is positively encouraged, which is music to a mama’s ears!


We were lucky enough to try out some of Bud of Joy’s yummy goodies when they dropped a hamper off for us to test (yep, our job is occasionally pretty awesome!), and we were pleasantly surprised. Everything tasted like it was totally home-made, with gorgeously textured wholemeal breads (they’re actually soft and squidgy so your kids won’t turn their noses up at all) and the most divine apple muffins we’ve ever had. These were serious winners and the kids devoured them! Slightly less popular were the apple tarts as the pastry was a touch heavy, but we realised this is probably because we’ve been used to having such processed pastry that we don’t recognise the real thing any more. As well as their baked offerings, Bud of Joy also have a fab selection of healthy snacks, cereals, grains, nut butters and even cleaning products available via their online store (yep they deliver!), so they’re really close to becoming a one-stop-shop for mamas looking for healthy offerings.

Pssst… Bud of Joy also offer baking classes if you’d like to learn the art of whipping up tasty treats for yourself!

A loaf of Bud of Joy’s organic bread costs $7.10 and the unmissable apple muffins are $7.50.

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