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Natural Skincare: 5 Ways to Use Argan Oil

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Look dewy, not greasy, with the newest (and most lightweight!) Argan oil formula yet

Oil? In this economy humidity? You’d be surprised mama, because no matter the weather, a lot of us are subject to dehydrated skin. We’re so absorbed (no pun intended) with using every method of removing the natural oils from our face (blotting sheets, oil-free skincare, etc) that we end up leaving it parched, causing skin to overcompensate and produce even more oil – leading us to think we have oily skin, and then the cycle starts all over again!

So if you’re looking for optimum hydration without the greasy feeling left behind by moisturisers, try Argan oil. It’s famous for moisturising all over the hair and body, and is non-comedogenic. Translation: doesn’t clog pores!

You may have heard its name plenty of times by now, but did you know the empowering story behind how it’s obtained? Argan trees are native to southwest Morocco, where the nuts are hand-harvested entirely by women cooperatives, then cold pressed using traditional grinding mills to produce the pure Argan oil loved by many today. The Argan oil business has increased job opportunities for the female Moroccan community immensely.

ania argan oil skincare how to use

Our argan oil of choice? ANIA’s Argan Oil Light, the super lightweight version of the local brand’s OG product, which absorbs incredibly fast, making it perfect for our tropical climate. The pure and organic fragrance-free formula is also safe for everyone to use, even kiddos and babies. Argan Oil Light differs by going through additional filtration, resulting in the a thinner texture that packs just as much hydration as the original Pure Argan Oil formula.

The folks at ANIA share how to use this miracle worker in multiple ways:

1. Everyday Moisture
Apply 2-3 drops directly onto cleansed skin in place of your regular moisturiser – even around the eyes! You can also add a few drops to your existing body lotion or moisturiser for extra hydration, or apply directly to the body to moisturise!

2. Makeup removal
Waterproof makeup melts away easily with a little bit of this stuff massaged gently onto the area. Wipe with a warm washcloth or cotton pad and it’ll come right off!

3. Hair
Tame frizzy hair with a few drops of Argan Oil Light smoothed through your tresses. Start mid-way through the length of your hair and apply till the tips.

4. Nails & Cuticles
A lifesaver for dry hands and brittle nails! Simply apply two to three drops on the back of your hands and rub them together for even application to all ten fingertips.

5. Dewy Makeup
Put the glow back in your makeup by adding 1-2 drops of Argan Oil Light to your liquid foundation. If you’re worried about looking greasy, smooth over only on the high points of the face (tops of cheeks, above the brows and nose bridge) before applying foundation.

Pop this into your bag and you’ve got a little skin saviour for every dry skin need for the whole fam, mama!

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Argan Oil Light (30ml), $39, available for purchase on the ANIA Skincare website

Brought to you in partnership with ANIA

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