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Portion control: How much beauty product should you actually be using?

how much beauty product to use
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Beauty products can be very confusing: What is the right way to apply it? What goes on first? Should I be using more or less? 

Chances are, you’ve been washing your face (and applying your sunscreen) all wrong, mama! But not to worry, the following fool-proof tricks from our beauty expert Delara should put all your questions to rest.

How much should I be using?

What’s the right order?

When layering products one over the other, the general rule is to start with the thinnest and move to the thickest.

  1. Toner
  2. Essence
  3. Serum
  4. Face oil
  5. Eye cream
  6. Emulsion (moisturising lotion)
  7. Moisturising cream
  8. Sunscreen

If you’re using any treatment products (acne, hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, etc.), these should come BEFORE the Moisturiser.

What’s the best way to apply?

Cleanser / Face wash:
Most of us don’t spend enough time cleansing our faces.

To get a really clean face, you need to spend at least one whole minute massaging your cleanser into your skin in a firm, but gentle circular motion to dislodge all the oil and dirt.

Then make sure there’s no residue left by splashing your face at least 7-8 times with clean water.

oil cleanser beauty product how to

Oil cleanser:
Always start with dry hands and a dry face. If your hands or face are wet, it counteracts the oil and your face isn’t going to be thoroughly clean – a real waste of good stuff.

Rub the oil cleanser into your palms and then spread it evenly over your face, gently massaging it in a circular motion so as to ‘melt away’ all the makeup, sunscreen and dirt. Let the oil work its magic for a minute.

Now you can finally wet your hands and gently massage your skin to emulsify the oil. The oil will turn to a milky fluid. Keep adding a little more water and massaging your skin, until all the oil is emulsified. Now simply rinse it off.

Face scrub:
Before you start scrubbing, make sure your face is thoroughly wet. It should be soaking wet, not just moist, otherwise the grains will scratch your skin making it tender and red. Ouch!

Now evenly distribute the face scrub by rubbing it between your hands and then transfer it onto your face using very gentle, circular movements.

Always begin in areas where you need it the most – like your forehead, nose and chin. Spend more time and grains in these zones, before moving to the other parts of your face.

Never, ever scrub the area under your eyes. The skin is too fragile over there and you will injure it.

toner spray beauty product skincare

Toner and Essence:
There are 3 methods of application. Try them all and then decide which one works for you.

Cotton ball technique: Soak the cotton pad with the toner. Start at the T-zone, gently sweeping it outwards towards your cheeks. Then work your way to the chin and jawline, and finish off with your neck, wiping bottom to top.

Finger Patting technique: Use your fingers to gently ‘pat pat pat’ the toner into your skin for 30 seconds. This improves absorption and blood circulation.

Spritz Technique: Just spray the toner directly onto your skin. This works best if you have sensitive skin.

Serum and Face oil:
Use your fingertips to dot the serum/face oil over your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Now very gently press it into your skin, using your palms until it’s thoroughly absorbed.

eye cream application

Eye cream:
The skin around your eyes is super fragile so always use your weakest finger (your ring finger) to gently dab the eye cream. Don’t forget to also apply the product to your entire eyelid, all the way up to your eyebrows. It’s not just the under-eye region that needs TLC! The entire area tends to get crepe-y, so keep it moisturised.

And never ever pull or drag your skin. The mantra is “Dab *lift finger* dab!”

If you take a dollop of moisturiser and massage it into your skin, you’re doing it all wrong! What?!
The ‘right’ way to apply moisturiser is by rubbing it between your palms and ‘dabbing, patting and pressing’ it into your skin. Why?

1. You’re heating the product in your hands, making it easier to absorb.
2. You’re not tugging or dragging your skin, which can actually cause fine lines (the exact opposite of what you want to achieve)!
3. You end up using less product, and are not overloading your skin.

apply sunscreen skincare

Ok, this one is super important. Sunscreen does NOT need to be rubbed into your skin. It’s supposed to ‘sit’ on top of your skin to protect it from the sun. So rubbing it in is actually not helping.

You need to pat it on evenly so that it stays put on your skin’s surface. Makes sense!


There’s always room to improve your skincare regimen, mama, but hopefully with these handy tips you can also save on some pricey products, as chances are you’ve probably been using a lot more than you need to!

Image #2, image #3, image #4 and image #5 sourced via Pinterest.

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