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12 Best Spots to Watch the Sunset & Sunrise in Singapore

sunset singapore sunrise singapore sentosa beaches
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Want to take the kids to experience the beauty of a sunset in Singapore? Here’s where to catch the best views of the sunset (and sunrise) in 2024 from wherever you and the kiddos are on the island!

Every day as the sun sets, the sky turns into a pretty picture filled with colour. Sunsets in Singapore are glorious to look at and such a fun experience to share with the kids. From Marina Barrage to Raffles Marina Lighthouse, there are tons of great places including parks to catch sunsets in Singapore. If you want to catch the sunset while at sea, check out these places for affordable and luxurious yacht rentals.

Sunrise and sunset in Singapore timings:

These timings don’t change much throughout the year as we are near the equator. If you are keen to experience the sunrise in Singapore with the family -better set your alarm clock (unless your kids do the fun job of waking up early already!)
Sunrise in Singapore: usually around 7:04am to 7:07am.
Sunset in Singapore: usually between 7:13pm – 7:17pm.

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Best places for sunrise and sunset views in Singapore

1. East Coast Park: Sunset & sunrise at the beach

sunset singapore sunrise singapore east coast park
Image Credit: Getty Images

East Coast Park is an extremely popular spot for glamping and other outdoor activities, but did you know that it is also a great place to catch the sunrise and sunset in Singapore? If you are facing the sea, the sun rises on your left while the sun sets on your right. With a gorgeous view of the water, you can head over to Bedok Jetty for the best views of the sun setting over Singapore. Come early before sunset and check out the many outdoor playgrounds like Coastal Playgrove and then head to a kid-friendly alfresco restaurant once the sun has set! Read our guide to East Coast Park here.

East Coast Park, open 24 hours, E Coast Park Service Road

2. Labrador Nature Reserve: Sunset & sunrise with sea views

sunset singapore sunrise singapore labrador nature reserve
Image Credit: Getty Images

If you are looking to catch the sunset in Singapore with picturesque sea views, Labrador Nature Reserve is the place! It’s also known as a spot to watch the sunrise in Singapore (just set your alarm early)! From fishing to cycling to playing at the outdoor playground, there is plenty to do here before the sunset or after you’ve watched the sunrise. There is also a Heritage trail where you can spot remnants of an old British Military Battlement, the Pill Box, The Fort and more as well as barbecue pits where you can cook up a feast whilst you take in the beautiful sunset in Singapore. For a romantic dinner post sunset, head over to Tamarind Hill. Check out our guide to Labrador Park here. However, Labrador Nature Reserve is only open between 7am – 7pm daily, so do check the sunrise/sunset timings before visiting to avoid disappointment!

Labrador Nature Reserve, 7am – 7pm daily, 91 Labrador Villa Road, Singapore 119190

3. Lower Seletar Reservoir Park: Sunset across the water

sunet singapore sunrise singapore Lower Seletar Reservoir Park
Image Credit: Unsplash

With water-play, a performance stage, fishing and more, you can most definitely have a full day of fun at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park before catching the sunset in Singapore. This is a lesser-known spot to watch the sunset in Singapore so enjoy the peace and views! From dragon boating to kayaking, you can watch the beautiful sunset in Singapore with views of the reservoir completing the scene. Head here early before the sunset for the kids to check out the Heritage trail and Rain Garden. While the park is open 24 hours, lighting hours are between 7am to 7pm, so do pack the essentials such as torchlights before visiting!

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, open 24 hours, Yishun Avenue 1, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore 769139

4. Marina Barrage: Sunset with kids’ water play

sunset singapore marina barrrage singapore
Image Credit: Unsplash

Marina Barrage is a lovely location to plan a picnic and take some kites to fly as you enjoy one of the best sunset views in Singapore! Head up to the rooftop of Marina Barrage where you will be able to find a comfy spot to relax as catch the sunset in Singapore. We love it here, as it is one of the rare spots with a breeze! P.S. Visit Marina Barrage during special days like Singapore’s National Day and New Years’ Eve, where (if you’re lucky to secure a good spot) you’ll get to catch stunning fireworks!

Marina Barrage, open 24 hours, 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951

5. Marina Bay Sands SkyPark: Sunset with skyline

sunset singapore sunrise singapore marina bay sands
Image Credit: Getty Images

Marina Bay Sands is a fantastic place to catch the sunset in Singapore with a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline. Head up to the 56th floor and enter the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, where you will get the opportunity to view the stunning sunset in Singapore as well as a panoramic view of Marina Bay. Tickets for the SkyPark Observation Deck cost $32 for adults and $28 for kids as well as senior citizens. Family packages are also available at $98 for 2 adults and 2 children. Alternatively, you can book a table at Ce La Vi and enjoy the sunset for the price of a few drinks. There are also tons of kid-friendly alfresco restaurants nearby if the kids are hungry afterwards!

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, 11am – 9pm daily (last entry and ticket sales at 8:30pm), 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

6. Marina at Keppel Bay: Sunset with a view of yachts

sunset singapore sunrise singapore marina at keppel bay
Image Credit: Getty Images

Nestled in between Harbourfront and Labrador Nature Reserve, Marina at Keppel Bay is a spectacular sight to behold. Catch the beautiful sunset in Singapore as it reflects off of the water and the yachts that are docked at bay. Take a walk along the bay and enjoy the views of Sentosa or have dinner at the alfresco dining restaurants available. With its long opening hours and picturesque views, this spot has to be one of our favourites for catching the sunset in Singapore!

Marina at Keppel Bay, 6am – 12am daily, 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382

7. Mount Faber Park: Hike to the top for sunset views

sunset singapore sunrise singapore mount faber
Image Credit: Getty Images

Located right before Harbourfront, Mount Faber Park is one of the oldest parks in Singapore. Climb up the hill and catch the gorgeous treetop views of the sunset in Singapore. Surrounded by nature, you will feel transported as you make your way through the park. Head over to Henderson Wave to find yet another amazing location to view the sunrise or sunset. You can also find Arbora, a unique hilltop garden dining experience, as well as the cable car, which is another great way to view the amazing sunsets in Singapore.

Mount Faber Park, open 24 hours, Mount Faber Road

8. Raffles Marina Lighthouse: Sunset at the pier

sunset singapore sunrise singapore raffles marina lighthouse
Image Credit: Getty Images

With unobstructed views and a picturesque spot to take photos, the Raffles Marina Lighthouse and its pier is one of the best places to catch the sunset in Singapore. As a fully-functioning lighthouse, the Raffles Marina Lighthouse will flash its lights every 10 seconds which is fun for the kids to experience. Be sure to watch your little ones as you stroll down the pier as there are no railings! Do note visiting is currently only permitted to invitations by members of the Raffles Marina.

Raffles Marina Lighthouse, 8am – 10pm daily, 10 Tuas West Drive, Singapore 638404

9. Sembawang Park: Sunset near hot springs

Image Credit: Unsplash

Sembawang Park is one of the best places to catch the sunset in Singapore if you live up north. With barbecue pits, fishing, view of the Johor Straits and even a natural hot spring nearby, there is lots of fun to be had before settling down and catching a glimpse of one of the prettiest sunsets in Singapore. Check out our guide to Sembawang.

Sembawang Park, open 24 hours, Sembawang Road

10. Sentosa: Sunset by the beach

sunset singapore sunrise singapore sentosa
Image Credit: Getty Images

Grab your picnic mats, leash up your pets and head down to any one of the Sentosa beaches to catch the sunset in Singapore complete with holiday vibes. You can set up a wonderful picnic to enjoy the sunset views or head to any of the kid-friendly restaurants along the beach. For the early birds, sunrise here would be pretty spectacular too – and you can always head to a beach club or Coastes for breakfast afterwards. Check out our Sentosa guide here. Do note that the lifeguards will be off duty by 7pm, so be sure to fish your littles out of the water before sunset!

Sentosa Beaches, open 24 hours, 21 Beach View, Singapore 099699

11. Boardwalk at Changi Bay Point: Coastal sunset & sunrise

sunset singapore sunrise singapore changi bay point & boardwalk
Image Credit: Getty Images

The Boardwalk at Changi Bay Point offers you an up-close ‘over the water’ view of the sunset in Singapore. If you are up for an adventure, try cycling to The Boardwalk at Changi Bay Point! With two cycling bridges, you can enjoy the sunset in Singapore as you take a nice evening bike ride along the coast. Check out our guide to Changi Bay Point here.

The Boardwalk at Changi Bay Point, open 24 hours, Aviation Park Road

12.Woodlands Waterfront Park: Sunset with views of Malaysia

sunset singapore sunrise singapore Woodlands Waterfront Park
Image Credit: Unsplash

Want a peek at Johor without having to cross the border? Soak in the crystal clear views of Malaysia at Woodlands Waterfront Park! Enjoy the gorgeous sunset in Singapore as you look out to the Straits of Johor. There are a few high vantage points to catch the scenic sunset views from. With a stunning playground and plenty of room to cycle, head down for a fun-filled day before wrapping it up with a front seat at one of the best sunsets in Singapore.

Woodlands Waterfront Park, open 24 hours, Admiralty Road W, Singapore 759956

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