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AIS Preschool is the prime environment for learning through purposeful play

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Psst, mamas! There’s a brand new kid on the Singapore nursery block and we want to tell you all about it! The already superb Australian International School’s preschool will be adding a new nursery school starting in January next year! Geared toward little ones aged 2 years, it’s set to be an experiential learning environment in the classroom and beyond.

AIS combines fun with learning, using the Reggio Emilia philosophy, to create a warm atmosphere that will help littlies develop the essential practical, social and emotional skills they’ll need as they grow.

It’s a top priority across AIS that all children are part of a caring school community where they feel well looked after. A strong school-wide support network means there’ll always be someone to hold a hand or mop up any early days tears.

Nursery school comes during those important years when personalities are emerging. Choosing the right school for your child at such a special time can be among a mama’s biggest challenges, especially when you feel nowhere near ready to watch them toddle away from you clutching an enormous looking school bag.

Finding the right fit is the hardest part of the school search; you need to have peace of mind that your darling will be safe, happy and at ease asking those impossible questions that only a very young imagination could dream up.

There are three staff members in every AIS preschool class, firstly to make sure every sticky-pawed small person is kept out of trouble, and secondly to make lessons as interactive as possible.

Outdoor learning enhances creative and linguistic aptitude and keeps education exciting; hands up whose toddler doesn’t insist on jumping in every muddy puddle they see and picking up every icky insect?

“In early childhood, opportunities to investigate, experiment and learn through purposeful play can help to develop confidence and independence in children”, says Judy Eveans, Head of Preschool at AIS. “Developing motor skills is also essential for greater independence and our outdoor areas are designed for climbing, running and exploring water play. We follow the Reggio Emilia philosophy that uses purposeful play for social and emotional development and converts these experiences into powerful skills”.

This year AIS introduced the Inquiry Centre, part of its aim to prepare pupils for life beyond the classroom. Here children tackle real-life tasks with the help of the teaching staff and outside experts — so no excuses from these problem-solving demons about why they can’t help around the house!

All this variety and interaction provide a foundation on which creative kiddos can build. Watch that social savvy come in handy as they progress on to their careers, as far off as that might seem at the moment, mamas!

Interested parents are welcome to join the upcoming open house event at AIS on Wednesday 26th November 2014 at 9.30am. Book your tour online or alternatively call (+65) 6517 0247 to register.

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