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Sassy Scoop: Artisan Day a huge hit at Blue House

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The team at Blue House are always coming up with fun and innovative new ways for their little learners to get excited about recycling and crafting, hence they decided to combine these two themes and Artisan Day (held last weekend) was the result! We caught up with the team at Blue House to find out how it all went down…

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Ahead of the event, families, teachers, local artists and community businesses sourced an enormous selection of recycled materials and loose parts. These were then clustered together in activity stations according to their properties: wood, plastic, metal, natural materials and textiles areas.

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The intention behind Artisan Day was for Blue House to be able to share with parents the beauty and infinite possibilities of the recycled materials their children interact with every day at the school. Blue House’s teachers guided children to create physical representations of their ideas, bringing their thoughts to life in 2D and 3D forms. And of course, the process is always more important than the end result (though that can be pretty cool too!)…

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Every station was captivating. The metal and silver station presented opportunities to tinker and take technology apart, working with tools and very small parts. Mirrors and light were incorporated to invite a different perspective towards materials. Reflection and refraction inspired scientific investigations. Exploring with textiles allowed families to consider skills they had not practiced before, such as sewing with a machine, embroidery and knitting. The beauty of beads, buttons and textures of every description stimulated the sense of touch. At the plastic station children tested the flexibility and durability of pipes, containers and sheets of transparent material. The communication and creativity were flowing as everyone listened and exchanged ideas.

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Despite the rainy weather, spirits weren’t dampened as cardboard transformed into unique expressions of children’s imagination. Finally, the wood work and natural materials area introduced a range of adult tools that children had not experienced before. In keeping with Blue House’s image of the child, these tools, under adult supervision, empowered the children to embrace new challenges and risks. Sounds of the drills and the banging and crashing in this environment drew the curiosity of the little ones!

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While the team at Blue House expected that families would come and go throughout the morning, they were thrilled to see that most families were so absorbed in what they were doing, they stayed for the whole event. Mamas and papas were inspired to recreate the experiences at home through their own arts and crafts projects with their kids, and to let loose and get creative with items we might otherwise discard.

If you would like to discover the Blue House difference, you can contact them at (+65) 6734 0824, or by emailing [email protected]

Thank you Littleones Photography for capturing the essence of the fun through their gorgeous images!

Blue House, 2 Turf Club Road, Singapore 278988
Tel: (+65) 6734 0824

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