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Delicate Skin? Try A-DERMA: One of Singapore’s Only Plant-based Skincare Brands

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Dedicated to caring for fragile skin, A-DERMA could be the answer to all your skincare problems

We all have bad skin days, don’t we mama? Waking up to a zit one morning that wasn’t there the night before may sound all too familiar, but that could be the least of your problems. If you’re facing any or many of these issues: visible dryness, redness, desquamation (peeling skin), feelings of tightness, tingling, itching… then you may have fragile skin.

Triggered by not only external factors such as heat, cold, pollution, wind, or even medical procedures or treatments, these signs can also appear due to skin diseases or stress. Some people also may have fragile skin due to their stage of life, such as babies – they have very fragile and delicate skin which require extra care. Enter A-DERMA – one of the only plant-based dermatology brands in Singapore. Created in Southwestern France by passionate pharmacist Pierre Fabre, the brand focuses on using natural active ingredients to combat and soothe fragile skin.

They’re the first dermo-cosmetic brand to use Rhealba® Oat, a natural, plant-based active ingredient that is at the heart of every A-DERMA product. A unique and exclusive species that has gone through 30 years of research and development, it was selected out of 26,000 varieties worldwide and identified as the purest oat with the highest concentration of anti-inflammatory molecules – best for taking down swelling.

The 4 star products in the ESSENTIAL CARE range are not excluded from this power ingredient, along with many being free of parabens, soap and fragrances. Consisting of two different cleansers (the Dermatological Bar and Soothing Foaming Gel), an all-over Skin Care Cream and Hand Cream, the range is so delicate that the whole family can use them mama, even your tiniest tots! The products in the ESSENTIAL CARE range offer non-aggressive, gentle cleansing and moisturising products for fragile skin, while respecting and strengthening the skin’s natural shield: the hydrolipidic film and skin barrier.

Want to try them for yourself and the fam, mama? A-DERMA products can be found in Watsons and Guardian stores, so find one near you to keep irritated skin at bay.

Brought to you in partnership with Pierre Fabre *Not all products pictured are available

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