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Win a Scratch-Off Awesome Map: Interactive Maps for Kids

We can’t think of a more awesome place than Singapore for kids to enjoy Awesome Maps. There are few places on earth where kids have more travel opportunities (a perk of living on a Little Red Dot!), and with such a vibrant, international population, there’s always a chance to point to a country in Europe, or South America and say, “My friend lives there!

So what are Awesome Maps? A collection of six different themed maps made especially for kids with detailed, beautifully hand-drawn illustrations, and tons of useful information. Our personal favourite is the Bucketlist Map, which is available in both scratch-off and rewritable versions.

awesome maps for kid_2

The scratch-off version lets kids find destinations on the map that they’ve already visited, then scratch away the gray coating (a fun activity on its own!) to reveal the colourful country below. Scratching off Italy will reveal gondolas in Venice and the Colosseum in Rome; Brazil will show its flag, beaches and the Amazonian jungle. It’s a great way to personally relate to and recount a child’s own travel experience, not to mention a terrific motivator to look forward to upcoming trips.

awesome maps for kids_1

The Rewritable Bucketlist Map comes with a whiteboard-like coating, so kids can circle, draw arrows, and write notes on the places they’ve been. Have your child’s friends moved away from Singapore to countries around the globe? With the Bucketlist Map they can find exactly where their friends are and label them accordingly!

We’re also big fans of the simple Kidsmap, which is also rewritable with a whiteboard coating, but additionally features 140 reusable stickers that come with facts about each one (a gorilla in Africa, a shark in Australia, etc.). The map base shows only continents, deserts and major mountain ranges – the rest is up to kids to learn and discover!

awesome maps for kids_3

If you’re looking for something more specialised, mama, Awesome Maps has got you covered with the Surftripmap (Hello, Bali!), Snowtripmap showing the world’s best ski spots (Konichiwa, Niseko!), West Coast U.S. & Hawaii Map, and the Footballmap, which we have a feeling would be a pretty big hit with plenty of kids in Singapore.

We are such big fans of these maps, in fact, that we want to share them with our awesome Sassy Mama readers! Awesome Maps’ Singapore distributor, ShinnPark, will give away one scratch-off Bucketlist Map and one rewritable Kidsmap to two lucky mamas (each winner receives one map). Just enter your deets in the form below, and we’ll choose two winners at random. Enter by Wednesday 22 July, and we’ll announce on Friday the 24th. For planning purposes, each map is 97.5cm (38 inches) x 56cm (22 inches).

Even if you don’t win the giveaway, make sure to check out ShinnPark, who’ve generously provided an exclusive 15% discount code for Sassy Mamas to use with the Awesome Maps Scratch-Off Bucketlist and Kidsmaps. Just visit their website and enter the code sassymama at checkout! Good luck, and happy travels mama!

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