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Click Chic: We Review the new Savvy Mum App

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There’s a new app available at the App Store and this one is made especially for mamas. Savvy Mum is a bespoke, intuitive and fun app that serves as an e-organizer for the busy mum.

Singapore mama Claudia Curran launched the app in December 2014. A banker by profession with two kids, Claudia relocated to Singapore in 2012. Whilst trying to strike a balance between work, home and everything in between, she felt she needed an e-assistant and the idea of the app was born!

Savvy mum app_1

Savvy Mum has to-do lists sorted into 12 useful categories: Groceries, Travel & Holidays, Medical, Children, Beauty, Shopping, People to Call, Charity, Thank you Cards, Finance, Work and Home repairs. There is also a section just for the little ones so mums can keep track of the endless birthday parties, play dates, school trips and other activities.

Another section can store all your important phone numbers – doctors, preschool, emergency contacts – so these aren’t lost amidst the zillions of contacts on your phone. A super-handy password storage function is also covered. Additional features include uploading entries to your iPhone or iPad calendar, setting reminders for each entry, emailing every entry to your family, friends or even yourself and creating your own custom tabs.

savvy mum app_2

We’re also big fans of the social planner. Not only can you create checklists for at-home parties, list all the invites you’ve received and incorporate birthday reminders, but you can also use the wardrobe planner. You’ll never have to scratch your head over picking a dress or a pair of shoes again, nor will you have to worry about the possibility of repeating an outfit you wore at the last party hosted by Mrs. Mum-tastic! You can even click pictures and store these in the wardrobe organiser!

I’ll let you in on the latest scoop ladies: Claudia is already working on the next version, which will include features that allow you to click and file recipes on the go, plus a dinner party seating planner, an invitee list organiser and lots more. Watch out for this!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Savvy Mum from the app store (only available to iPhone users for now) and get organised the chic and trendy way while supporting a fellow Singapore mama!

Savvy Mum is available for S$2.58 in the App Store; click here to download

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