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Try a new sport at Camp Asia’s free “Saturday Sports” Open House

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Were you not the sportiest Spice growing up, mama? Have you suppressed memories of bygone gym classes from your primary school days? Or perhaps sports like baseball and judo are just completely foreign to you.

Not to worry; the aces at Camp Asia have just launched their brilliant new Saturday Sports program to keep the kiddos active all year round (with the added perk of giving you a breather!). Kids ages 3-16 can learn a new sport every Saturday from expert coaches at Stamford American International School’s state-of-the-art facilities. Here’s a little primer for the not-so-athletically-inclined to see what’s on offer:

Baseball: Known as “America’s pastime”, this will stress teamwork, goal setting and sportsmanship. Beginners will start with T-Ball, where they’ll learn proper throwing, fielding and hitting mechanics in a fun and not-too-competitive environment!

Basketball: Kids ages 5 to 16 will learn fundamentals like dribbling, passing, shooting and defence from former professional baller Bernard Williams, who’s now an accredited and award-winning coach.

Cheerleading: Forget about mini-skirts and pom-poms: cheerleading is a unique team sport that combines acrobatic movement, gymnastics elements, dance and cheering. A good cheer team can turn the tide of a match by getting a crowd of spectators pumped up!

Golf: Lucky kiddos can learn golf at SAIS’s indoor Golf Academy, which features driving ranges, a putting green, and an amazing golf simulator with video analysis. Golf coach David Pendleton-Nash is a former pro who even competed in British Open qualifying!

Judo: Taking cues from the International Judo Federation syllabus, kids ages 5-11 can learn the basic techniques of this martial art like grips, throwing, restraining, and rolling on the ground. A popular Olympic sport for both men and women, Judo translates to “gentle way” in its native Japan.

Soccer: Soccer (or “football”) is a sport that teaches good sportsmanship, respect for all and provides a safe and educational experience whilst being a fun game to practice and play. Using the globally popular Coerver method, children will develop as skilled, confident and creative soccer players under the tutelage of highly experienced youth coach Luke Diaz.

Swimming: Whether your little one’s a shark or a minnow, this program is aimed at a variety of swimmers with differing goals and allows for the personal development of each child. Points of emphasis include water familiarisation, water safety, correct stroke technique, basic rescue skills and personal development within an enjoyable and safe environment.

Tennis: Learn the sport of icons like Federer and the Williams sisters using the internationally acclaimed LTA (Tennis Lawn Association) curriculum. Kids 3-11 will use modified equipment for Mini Tennis – official soft mini tennis balls, mini tennis nets, small rackets, and lots of targets and lines – how cute! Junior players will even have the opportunity to compete in matches.

Kids will be grouped based on both age and ability, and can take full advantage of SAIS’s facilities, including three swimming pools, two indoor sports arenas, tennis courts, dance studios, sports field and indoor golf centre.

Each hour-long session will run for eight weeks, starting 7 February. Make sure to sign up for a free trial and to meet the coaches on 24-25 January at Stamford American International SchoolClick here to sign up, mamas!

All the details:
Open House for Camp Asia’s new Saturday Sports program
When: 24-25 January
Where: Stamford American International School
RSVP: Sign up here

Brought to you in partnership with Camp Asia

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