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Mama Staycations: A New Home on the West Coast

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Head to Singapore’s peaceful West Coast for an unexpectedly delightful staycation, mama

One of the best things I like about living in Singapore is the fact that most neighbourhoods have their own awesome free public parks and playgrounds, where there’s something for everyone to enjoy as a family. Whether playing in the sand, running, cycling, flying a kite or just kicking the ball around on real grass, just pack a picnic and you’re good to go.

Having said that, sometimes we do like to trade in our neighbourhood park for something even larger and make an entire day of it. So every so often, we’ll take the kids out to West Coast Park – which, in case you haven’t been already, is absolutely amazing in my opinion. They even have a giant McDonald’s on the sprawling grounds, so you can throw in a junkie treat and have the perfect day under the sun. The only problem is that by the end of the day, the kids are so tired, they’re ready to go bed instantly and I’m usually wondering why we didn’t leave for home earlier. After all, I’d much rather be doing something other than sit in traffic on a Saturday evening with sweaty, cranky kids in the backseat suffering from complete exhaustion and possibly low blood-sugar levels.

Well, guess what? We just went back a few weeks ago, but this time we packed an overnight bag for a mini staycation. No, we didn’t sleep outside McDonald’s or in the park itself. Instead we spent the night at the relatively new Oasia Residence Singapore, which is right across the road from West Coast Park. Having opened its doors last October, it is extremely conveniently located, so imagine my glee when ‘clean up’ meant a Mc’D takeaway, crossing the road, heading up to our apartment, showering, dinner and off to bed. (Ok, so there might have been a couple of hours of TV in bed after dinner, but you get my point). Life couldn’t get any easier. Maybe I should have just asked for a million dollars as well! With a 7-night minimum stay, Oasia Residence is perfect for families newly-arrived in Singapore or those in transition between apartments.

Anyway, the mission statement behind this Far East Hospitality Residence is refresh, recharge and refuel, where guests can completely focus on wellness and enjoy the calming retreat as they relax amid lush greenery and a tranquil pace of life, away from their normal weekly hectic schedules. As the name suggests, Oasia Residence is a serviced residence, offering studios, one and two bedroom apartments, as well as a rooftop tennis court, a 24-hour gym, an exclusive indoor swimming pool on the 7th floor and a steam room.

The Residence is fully integrated into the neighbouring Seahill residential development, which means that as a guest of Oasia, you can take advantage of the common swimming pools, barbecue pits, massage pavilions, a function deck and the mini kids’ playground on the ground level of the building.

The apartments themselves are fully furnished and very smart, complete with a full kitchenette, washing machine, and bedrooms with separate living rooms (ideal if you have guests while the kids are sleeping in the other room). Also, if you do happen to live on the West side of the island, Oasia makes for an excellent choice in case of overseas visitors – no more trekking to hotels in the city. Each room also comes with its own Handyphone too, which is ideal if you’re new to Singapore and just getting your bearings.

The lobby area offers a light breakfast on weekdays, and has a small selection of tea, coffee, juices and snacks available round the clock too. Grab a book from their mini-library and spend an hour or two leisurely lounging by the pool. Or go for a nice, long walk along the park. There are several dining options close-by, but if you’re in the mood for cooking, load up the fridge and take advantage of the apartment’s fully stocked kitchenette.

So if you’re in need of some comfy longer-term lodging, check out this beautiful West Coast space. Sure, there’s no Universal Studios here, but you won’t be fighting a mob of tourists either. And it’s so much more peaceful, too!

All rooms subject to a minimum 7-night stay. Studios and One-Bedroom residences from $270 per night; Two-Bedroom residences are $390 per night. 

Oasia Residence Singapore, 123 West Coast Crescent, Singapore 126779, email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 6428 8600,

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