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No VTL Required: Take the North East Line with The Smurfs!

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The Smurfs (plus a new tribe of girl Smurfs, #girlpower!) have a new home on Nickelodeon! To celebrate their new TV series this school holidays, these small creatures are making their presence felt in a BIG way by taking over the MRTs!

La la la la la la, sing a happy song! Besides watching The Smurfs in their adventure-packed show on TV, you can also catch the lovable blue creatures invading the North East Line MRTs (that’s the purple line)!

Ride on Southeast Asia’s first-ever Smurf-themed trains from now till 9 January 2022, and enter the world of Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy and hundreds of other Smurfs. Fancy a trip to Gargamel’s castle or Smurf Village? Or how about finding out which Smurf you’re most like?

Win exclusive Nickelodeon goodies (worth over $360 each)

Keep a lookout for zones specially reserved for the Smurfs, and watch your step for the tiny Smurfs riding along in the miniature standing cabins! The Smurfs also left some of their belongings behind… Spot the items all over the train and stand to win exclusive The Smurfs EZ-Link Cards and Nickelodeon goodie bags worth over $360 each! You can find the contest details on Nickelodeon’s Facebook page.

Watch The Smurfs on Nickelodeon

The iconic blue creatures we all know and love now have a new home on Nickelodeon! Catch the show with your kids and enter the world of The Smurfs with Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty and more as they go on all-new Smurfy adventures packed with humour, heart and high-stakes action. The new show boasts an updated CG-animated look, new storylines, and new characters. There’s even a new tribe of girl Smurfs, led by brave and wise matriarch Willow! Keep your eyes peeled for lots of new additions, with wholesome, positive messages for kids.

Smurf we go!

Watch The Smurfs on Nickelodeon (Singtel TV CH 240) on Weekdays @ 10:15am

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