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Heat Stress? No Sweat! Mardec9’s Tips to Buy the Right Kids’ Clothing for SG’s Heat

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There’s a Norwegian saying: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing,” so stay comfy and dry despite the Singapore heat with premium kids’ clothing brand Mardec9’s top tips!

While we love over-the-top dresses, fancy coats and other Instagram-worthy kids’ outfits (thanks a lot, Korean mini influencers) we have to admit that when dressing our active, sweaty kids in sunny Singapore, less is more. But that doesn’t mean they need to walk around wearing nothing! The new Heat Stress Advisory issued by the Singapore government highlighted the different activities and attire required for various temperatures, with the advisory for temperatures over 33ºC being, “Avoid multiple layers of clothing, wear a hat or bring an umbrella, and wear lightweight clothing with thin and absorbent material.”

As mamas who love a cute outfit while making sure kids are at their most comfortable, we know a thing or two about getting kids dressed in the heat stress. Here are some top tips for staying cool yet fashionable in the year-round summer heat, with some help from local mama-owned brand Mardec9!

1. Light and ‘airy’ doesn’t always mean breathable

How many times have you felt a piece of clothing while shopping and thought, “Oooh, nice and lightweight – must be good for our weather!” only to realise it clings to the skin when you sweat and isn’t as breathable as you thought? It’s probably made of a plastic-based material like polyester, which is not as absorbent as natural materials like cotton, linen or hemp.

Always check garment labels – 100% cotton T-shirts are a super choice, like these gender-neutral tees with funky graphics (from $39) from Mardec9 that will help kids stay cool while they play! Fun fact: the graphics on Mardec9’s pieces are all created by the founder’s kids! We also love their Korean-designed blouses and dresses (also 100% cotton!).

2. Hats are essential – so choose the right one!

Sunglasses can be a little fussy for little ones with sweaty faces, so hats are your next best bet if you need something to shield your kiddo from the sun. But not all hats are created equal! Like clothes, many fashion accessories can be made with materials that don’t always let air pass through. In fact, some hats may trap air instead. Sports cap styles made of natural fibres like cotton are better in our humidity, helping to absorb moisture (and we know these kids sure sweat a lot!) while keeping kids dry.

Mardec9 has four stylish caps in different designs and colours. Made of 100% cotton with an adjustable strap, these caps are perfectly made for outdoor fun – dino-obsessed kids will love the Adventure Dinosaur Cap ($29)!

3. Don’t rule out jackets completely

Does dressing for the heat mean tossing out all our jackets? Not really. While we love the great outdoors, we do spend time in malls, enrichment classrooms and other air-conditioned settings, so it’s good to have a cover-up handy in case the aircon gets too cold. Mardec9 has two jacket styles that are great for folding up into your kiddo’s backpack before they set off for their after-school adventures. Check out the Zip Up Puma Light Hoodie ($56) or Rainbow Windbreaker ($59) if you’re in the market for a cosy new jacket for the kids!

So the next time you’re planning a family day out, make sure your kids’ wardrobes are all set with the right clothes!

Enjoy 10% off with the promo code SASSY until 29 September 2023!

Mardec9 is a Singapore-based premium kids’ clothing brand created by a passionate Korean mama. All their pieces are expertly designed for play, made with high-quality fabrics and perfect for our tropical climate. Prices start from just $29.


Brought to you in partnership with Mardec9. Kids with sunglasses image sourced via Pexels

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