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Spotted by Sassy: MoonRock, Chiropractor-Approved School Bags

moonrock bag chiropractor endorsed
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Is Your kid geared up for their first day back at school?

MoonRock ticks all the boxes in a safe kids’ school bag and is in fact the world’s first schoolbag brand to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. That’s quite a big deal we think as kids do load their school bags and carry so much on their small frames – potentially doing damage to their back and neck not to mention setting them up for bad posture later in life.

The colourful MoonRock bags got our attention as they are lightweight, durable and are made with non PVC material. They’d make a great plane travel backpack too.

MoonRock has patented design features (5-Point Support and the O-Ring Multi-Angle Strap) to protect the spine, and evenly distribute weight. The Magnetic Sternum Lock keeps the shoulder straps in place, a smart, breathable hollow-chamber foam ensures airflow – perfect for keeping ventilated in sweaty Singapore.

Plus the spinal-shaped Ergonomic Aluminum Alloy Bar gives great support and durability to the back pack structure not to mention ensures a comfortable fit – which together with the uber padded back makes for a very comfy backpack indeed. No wonder the American Chiropractic Association was keen to give this bag a thumbs up! Plus we do love the fun bright colours on offer – something for every kid plus mama has peace of mind that junior’s back and posture are both safe!

Featured image courtesy of Unsplash

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