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A Good Night Time Skincare Routine is Not Impossible! Here’s How (+ Amazon Beauty Fair Sale)

amazon beauty fair skincare makeup discounts sale
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Here’s a mama-to-mama tip! You can fake a great night’s sleep with the right bedtime skincare routine. Here are our tips on looking after your skin (plus how to get up to 30% off skincare, beauty and more on Amazon!)

Washing our faces to cap off the night should be a no-brainer. But kids happen. Either the baby won’t let you out of their sight all night, or (try as you might) you fall asleep while putting the kids to bed. We’ve been there. But trust us when we say nothing beats the feeling a tired mama gets when they see their reflection in the mirror first thing in the morning and it’s actually glowing and looking well-rested, even if it wasn’t the best night’s sleep! A decent night time skincare routine is absolutely possible – and we’re here to show you how you can do it quickly (before the kids wake up asking for ‘mommy’ for the third time!).

Lucky for us, Amazon is launching their first ever Beauty Fair now until 28 September 2021 with up to 30% off skincare, makeup, fragrances, haircare, and more. We’re talking discounts off amazing local and international brands like Skin Inc, Elizabeth Arden, Panasonic, Revlon and Philosophy, and even Korean and Japanese brands that includes Laniege, Obagi, LuluLun, and more, so it couldn’t be a better time to treat yourself to some self-care must-haves. Here are our top picks!

5 Steps to Faking a Great Night’s Sleep

cleansing micellar water cotton pad

1. Remove makeup thoroughly with a cleansing balm or micellar water

If there’s one thing you can do at the end of a long day, do a pre-cleanse – whether it’s taking makeup off or even just removing the sweat and oils that have accumulated on your bare face throughout the day! Cleansing balms have been all the rage lately for their convenience (just rub between your palms and massage onto the face) but if you’re a little more old school, you might be partial towards micellar water. This miracle water-like product easily gets every trace of makeup and grime off with the swipe of a cotton pad. The Bioderma Sensibio H20 micellar water makeup remover is pretty much fool-proof (and is going at 25% off at the Amazon Beauty Fair!) – Bioderma has received cult status after being a beauty industry fave for decades – and can easily be bought in bulk online to keep on hand.

For more makeup remover options, check out the selection here!

2. Cleanse well

“Wait I thought this was supposed to be a quick routine, why do I need to cleanse again?” Because your skin deserves it, seriously. Use your hands to massage your chosen cleanser (we love the cleansers from Philosophy which are going at 30% off), close your eyes and relax a little while you get all the last traces of dirt off your face.

3. Use a 2-in-1 emulsion

Ideally, this is the part where you would layer a toner and an essence – two important steps that help better absorption of all the other leave-on skincare you’ll be putting on afterwards. BUT we know most of us are often pressed for time, so anything that combines more than one function in a bottle is a winner in our books. The Rovectin Cica Care Balm (25% off during the Beauty Fair) is perfect in this case! It soothes and revitalises the skin while helping to heal and hydrate even the deepest layers of the skin. You can also use this as a dark spot cream and blemish repair product – suitable and tested on sensitive skin!

Image: Skin Inc

4. Use a serum with a high-tech gadget

Yes, another gadget. No, it’s not overkill. For this step, go for a hydrating serum so your skin can really drink it in overnight (most of us have drier skin than we think!). Try the Vichy Mineral 89 serum (25% off) or Skin Inc My Daily Dose of Vitamins ABC Custom-Blended Serum (20% off), and massage it in with a skincare tool such as the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage. It may be a little on the pricey side, but is so worth it for its ability to brighten and revitalise the skin in minutes. Plus it’s a local brand that has gone global! If you have eye area concerns in particular, try the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses.

5. Finish with age-defying eye cream

Retinol has been all the rage lately – and for good reason! It’s mama-approved for its ability to reduce wrinkles, even out the skin tone and shrink large pores. So having it as a main ingredient in your eye cream is crucial for faking a wide-eyed, I-totally-slept-8-hours-last-night look. Try the La Roche Posay Redermic R Eyes (25% off during the Amazon Beauty Fair), formulated with pure Retinol to visibly reduce the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles. It also contains caffeine to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles!

Check out other eye cream selections available here!

Bonus tip: go to bed smelling good!

Spritz a bit of your favourite fragrance before bed. You’ll be surprised at how smelling good can leave you feeling good, mama! Calvin Klein fragrances are going at 30% off during the upcoming Amazon Beauty Fair so you wouldn’t want to miss out on the sale – maybe even get some new scents for hubby with Calvin Klein’s range of Parfum for Men? And of course check out what else is on offer during the Amazon Beauty Fair sale!

amazon beauty fair skincare makeup discounts sale Beauty Fair: Up to 30% off NOW- 28 September

We love Amazon for getting our everyday groceries, household items and more, so why not make it your go-to online store for beauty essentials too? You can stock up on all your skincare, haircare and beauty products at a steal during the Amazon Beauty Fair! Brands include Rimmel London MakeupAustralis, Max Factor, Braun, Lululun, Dr Wu, and so much more.

If you’re not a Prime member already, make sure you sign up to get maximum benefits during the Beauty Fair! The Amazon Prime membership is just $2.99/month includes:

  • Free international delivery on eligible orders over $60 on or the Amazon Shopping App (perfect for mamas looking to try beauty and skincare products from all over the world!)
  • Free domestic one-day delivery on or the Amazon Shopping App with no minimum spend
  • Two-hour grocery delivery service with Amazon Fresh (great for everyday groceries and household items along with emergency beauty products you may need to get delivered ASAP!)
  • Unlimited access to award-winning movies and TV episodes with Prime Video
  • Unlimited access to video game benefits with Prime Gaming and more!

Sign up for a trial to enjoy a 30-day Amazon Prime membership for free!

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