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The Wonder Years: Skills, Knowledge and Oodles of Fun at EtonHouse

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Happy schools make for happy kids, mama! If you’re seeking the right mix of knowledge and fun, be sure to check out EtonHouse.

Been doing the school rounds lately? It can be quite the struggle to find that happy medium between learning and good old fashioned fun! And that’s why we think you have a great option in EtonHouse, mama – a place where children can have a sense of wonder about them and truly enjoy what they learn!

Research strongly suggests that a love for school at an early age, makes kids more likely to be successful in their future education. Built on 3 key pillars of knowledge, skills and dispositions, education at EtonHouse isn’t merely about numbers and writing but also understanding how it helps in everyday life.

Knowledge, Skills and Disposition

If you’re after a 21st century well-rounded schooling, you definitely need more than just knowledge! From teaching numeracy, literacy, scientific thinking and key concepts the learning at EtonHouse also includes necessary life skills. This helps children with their primary school education as well as their future success and way of life!


Think project work is reserved just for your office? A fab way to get the little ones involved at school too, projects at EtonHouse are undertaken to encourage research and learning. From interviewing others, using information technology to finally presenting their findings, children learn how to share their thoughts and ideas to others using a variety of mediums.

Back that knowledge and skill level with a disposition to learn – and you have a winner, mama! A habit of mind that instills a love for learning, will further encourage a love for numbers, reading and writing. The folks at EtonHouse want students to be excited about coming to school every day! Expect super fun days packed with activities that encourage social competence and communication and of course lots of fun! Pottering around in a Mud Kitchen anyone?

Etonhouse mud kitchen

Trusted Care
EtonHouse is founded on relationships! All it takes is a walk around the school grounds to see the strong level of trust and care between the children as well as their teachers and caretakers. It’s these relationships that make little learners feel safe and push the envelope on risk-taking, exploring and making new discoveries!

Happy kids that have a strong sense of joy in everything that they do – what’s not to love! Be sure to check out the EtonHouse Sentosa and Claymore Open Days coming up on Saturday 21 October!
RSVP here and get 50% off registration fees, mama.

All the details!
Saturday, 21 October, 9.30am-12pm
EtonHouse Sentosa (Playgroup – Primary Years), 33 Allanbrooke Road, Sentosa, Singapore 099981 (5 mins from Sentosa Cove and Harbourfront), Tel: (+65) 6377 3322 or email [email protected]

EtonHouse Claymore (Playgroup – Pre-school), off Orchard Road, 15 Claymore Road, Singapore 229542, Tel: (+65) 6737 3322 or email [email protected]

RSVP: RSVP here and enjoy 50% off the registration fee!

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