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‘When can I start preschool, mama?’

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The importance of an inquiry-based curriculum in a Singapore preschool

Though we might not always appreciate it right in the moment, among kiddos’ most charming qualities is their ability to ask a seemingly infinite number of questions. Why is the sky blue? What do you want to be when you grow up? How old are you, mommy? Like it or not, it’s exactly why an Inquiry-based approach is such a fabulous and effective method for preschool learning. The educational experts at LeClare Preschool recognise this, and channel a child’s spirit of investigation right back into their own learning.

LeClare’s educators expand children’s thinking by challenging them with new ideas and perspectives through an engaging and meaningful curriculum that is responsive to kids’ interests, ideas and questions. Within pre-selected themes, a central question becomes a provocation for a collection of both planned and spontaneous activities and experiences. Kiddos in turn feel in charge of their own learning, developing a sense of agency and other life skills while becoming reflective and critical learners.

Beyond engaged and supportive instructors, at LeClare the beautiful classroom environment functions as an additional and natural teacher. With authentic, natural materials and resources, learning spaces allow children to construct and create their own learning journey in a truly purposeful way.

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They further build on this through a strong dedicated Art & Music programme; LeClare children are encouraged to explore and experiment freely and fearlessly, because this will build creativity and a strong imagination. Full-time art and music specialists spearhead these innovative programmes to meaningfully foster the developmental needs of young children in the arts.

Beyond the beautiful, bright learning spaces and the well-rounded curriculum, children at LeClare are well prepared for the future with Mandarin language immersion. Every single class has both an English and Mandarin co-teacher to facilitate and interact with the children in their respective languages throughout the day. Children will absorb, think and speak in both languages, so it becomes the most natural thing in the world!

If you weren’t already jealous of this innovative preschool mama, just wait til you hear about the 14,000 square feet Rooftop Adventure Park. One of the largest and most elaborate rooftop outdoor play spaces in Singapore, it incorporates a series of playgrounds from the amazing Jungle Gym in the Netherlands, along with a water play area and a community garden where kiddos gain responsibility looking after their own plants. Eventually there will also be spots for an art workshop, a music garage, imaginative play and even cycling!

LeClare’s innovative approach truly gives children a holistic education that benefits them in mind, body and spirit. Want to experience a bit of the wonder for yourself, mama? Book in a tour of their facilities and meet their team by ringing (+65) 6969 9479 or (+65) 8388 7377. We’re pretty sure the kiddos will be asking when they can go back again for another visit!

LeClare Preschool, Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road #02-07/17, Singapore 189702, (+65) 6969 9479/(+65) 8388 7377

Brought to you in partnership with LeClare Preschool

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