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Sassy Scoop: M.A.D School by Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy – kick-start a new creative career path or just brush up your skills!

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MAD_school_dcgBecoming a mama kicks off a time of huge change and self-exploration, but once the new baby dust has settled or the kiddos head off to school, mamas can be left with tricky question of what next?! Do you want to jump back into the same career track you were on pre-babies, or take the opportunity to seek a different path? Perhaps you’re keen to gain skills that would allow you to start your own business or freelance, or you might just fancy adding some qualifications that open up your options at some future point.

If you said “hell yes” to any of the above, award-winning M.A.D School (which stands for Marketing, Advertising and Design) is a great option with their range of flexible courses and workshops in creative disciplines. M.A.D aim to inspire and empower their students by basing their curriculum in real-world business scenarios and by only engaging talented and experienced Creative Directors as lecturers.

M.A.D School is conveniently located at Clarke Quay, and you can choose from full-time or part-time programmes to fit around family life. If you’d just like to dip a toe in the water to explore whether you’re a closet creative, you can experiment by trying out just a single module on Branding, Copywriting or Creative Thinking and much, much more.

1014407_10152013182860828_1917799596_nIt’s also not all about sitting in a classroom either –- being part of an energetic team of learners, participating in creative projects, doing pro bono work for non-profits, entering competitions and trying your hand at internships are just some of the opportunities that M.A.D passionately encourage their students to pursue. Sounds like a ton of fun, right?

Worried about taking a risk to try something artistic when you have memories of not being able to draw at school? Don’t let your fear hold you back mama! You’ll be surprised how much creative energy you can unleash when you put your mind to it and get inspired at M.A.D.

And don’t just take it from us – M.A.D are happy to put you in touch with current and past mama students who can wax lyrical about their experiences. Just drop them a line for further info at [email protected]!

M.A.D. School by Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy
30 Merchant Road, Riverside Point #03-22-25
Singapore 058282
Tel: (+65) 6337 5449


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