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Sassy Mama’s Ultimate Back to School Round Up 2015

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Here it is mama, our ultimate Back to School Round Up for 2015. We’ve put together the best enrichment and extracurricular activities for your little ones as they head back to school and into another year (already?)!

Camp is over, but the fun is only just beginning! The number and variety of enrichment activities in Singapore is simply stunning, so we’ve done the hard part trawling the Internet for you and picking out the most fun, creative and energetic classes on offer. Have a look below to see which one would put a sparkle in your munchkin’s eyes, or click on your favourite category below, mama (NB: there are so many sports classes to choose from in Singapore that we’ll leave that category for a roundup of its own). And stay tuned for part 2 of our back to school series, coming next week!

Arts and Crafts
Language Classes
Multi Activity courses
Outdoor classes
Out of the Box
Performing Arts
Science & Technology Classes
Singapore Community Centre classes

Arts and Crafts:


Using pottery as a platform to engage littlies, NeuroCeramics classes stimulate kids’ creativity and encourage productivity. From making safari animals and mystery-solving with Scooby Doo, to creative writing with Captain Planet, exploring the universe, and learning entrepreneurial skills, NeuroCeramics’s camps boost abstract thinking and problem solving while little ones have fun and make friends.

Age: 18 months to 12 years
Where: Midview City Blk 26, Sin Ming Lane (near Bishan/Marymount), Singapore
How much: Prices vary according to each programme; click here to enquire 

NeuroCermaics,  Midview City Blk 26, Sin Ming Lane, Singapore 573971, Tel: (+65) 9226 3962, Email: [email protected]


Mucking about with paint, glue and other materials, creating canvasses almost too large to hold up, it’s a wonderland of creativity over at the appropriately named ARThaus. Teachers talk about materials and techniques, but then the pupils are let loose with only their imaginations to guide them. The aim is to explore and express yourself in a free and fun environment, under the guidance of practicing artists.

Age: 5-16 years
Where: Bukit Timah and Upper Paya Lebar
How much: Prices vary according to art programme, enquire here for more details

ARThaus Bukit Timah, 901A Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 589619, Tel: (+65) 9023 0458, email: [email protected]

ARThaus Upper Paya Lebar, 193 Upper Paya Lebar Road Singapore, Tel: (+65) 9723 4084, email: [email protected]

gifted artists studio

Gifted Artists Studio
Art is not just for the “artistically inclined” – all people express themselves through art. “Arty-farty” pursuits are often neglected in favour of educational tangibles like reading and maths, but Gifted Artists Studio presents an integrated program, where letters and numbers are part of the creative journey. Taking the windy path instead of the logical, straight one leads to unforeseen discoveries – and a whole lot of fun on the way!

Age: 4-12 years
Where: Blk 2 Pandan Valley Condo #01-203A, Singapore
How much: Prices vary according to art programme, click here to enquire

Gifted Artists Studio, Blk 2 Pandan Valley Condo #01-203A, Singapore, Tel: (+65) 9791 9288,

Other Art class options:

Language Classes:


Alliance Francaise
Whether you want your child to connect with their French roots or encourage them to be petit francophiles, this is the place to do it. Alliance Francaise is an accredited private education institution and one of the some 1000+ Alliances Francaises worldwide. Not only are French language classes offered for all levels and all ages (from 12 months old), the institution also hosts an array of artists to help spread French culture with a wide range of fun events. So mama, parlez vous francais?

Age: From 1 year old to adults (toddlers can choose between French and Spanish)
Where: 1 Sarkies Road, Singapore 258130
How much: Depending on the programme, most courses range between $200 and $300 per term

Alliance Francaise, 1 Sarkies Road, Singapore 258130, Tel: (+65) 6737 8422,


EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre
If you are a bit wary of the strict academic standards imposed by some of the Mandarin learning centres, rest assured. The founders of EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre (a formerly non-Mandarin speaker and his wife, a Mandarin teacher!) are about fun and encouragement, using games, activities and drama to bring the language to life. They specialise in students who have no background in Mandarin, such as students from international schools.

Age: From 1 year old all the way up to adults (so you can join your child!)
Where: Pasir Ris Sports and Recreation Centre, #01-01/02 120 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519640
How much: Prices vary per length of class, click here to enquire

EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre, Pasir Ris Sports and Recreation Centre, #01-01/02 120 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519640, Tel: (+65) 6584 8489,

Other Language class options:

Multi Activity courses:

Camp Asia

Camp Asia
Sports, stage, outdoors, indoors, Camp Asia has it all — and it’s offered year round, not just during school holidays! This is a one-stop shop for everything a kid’s heart could desire, be it balls, ballet or drama. Free trials run until next week, so hurry over and sign up! And mamas – if you sign your kiddie up for classes, you  yourself get a free bootcamp with former army fitness instructor Aaron! (But no worries, if you’d rather sit still, the on-site Parent Café comes with free Wi-Fi.)

Age: 3-16 years old
Where: Stamford American International School
How much: Most classes will cost around $325 per 10 sessions

Camp Asia, 279 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 347691, Tel: (+65) 6593 3691, email: [email protected]


If your kid cannot make up his mind about his favourite sport, why not let him join Sport4Kids’ multi-sport course? Held at a condo near you (or at a place of your choosing, should you and your friends get a group together!), the children will be introduced to soccer, basketball, rugby, hockey, tennis and experience a range of different physical exercises and games. Perfect to burn off that excess energy and a great way to help them figure out where to move to next! For the older kids, Sports4Kids has coaches and sessions in rugby, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, swimming and yoga.

Age: 18 months to 7 years
Where: Several locations across Singapore, click here for the full list
How much: $30 per class

Sports4Kids, Tel: (+65) 9355 0376, email: [email protected]

julia gab

Julia Gabriel Centre
Julia Gabriel is among the oldest and most venerable of speech and drama, reading and writing enrichment centres in Singapore. It is also one of the freshest and most inspiring, constantly looking to find new ways to ignite the imagination and creativity of the children who attend their classes. So if your little one has a love of sounds and words (or you’d like to help encourage one!), this is the place to hone their skills.

Age: 6 months – teens
Where: Forum The Shopping Mall (Level 4), Tampines Mall, Singapore
How much: Prices vary per programme

Julia Gabriel Centre, 583 Orchard Road, #04-00 Forum, Singapore 238884, Tel: (+65) 6733 4322, Email: [email protected]

Outdoor classes:

Archery Club Singapore
Is your little one obsessed with Katniss Everdeen, Robin Hood or Brave’s Merida? Here is their chance to master their hero or heroine’s skills! Archery takes focus, strength and patience – all very good skills for your little one to develop! As the home to Junior Olympic participants and future Olympic hopefuls, the Archery Club is an excellent place to pick up both the basics and advanced skills!

Ages: Different courses cater for different age groups, click here for more details
Where: Punggol South Archery Centre
How much: Membership $80 per year, excluding lessons

Archery Club Singapore, Punggol South Archery Centre, Junction of Hougang Ave 6/8, Green Fenced-up field Next to Blk 543, Opposite Blk 438 & 437, Tel: 9721 1933, email: [email protected]


Skate With Us
Speed, agility, movement – if your child craves speed, then this is the school for her! Skate with us notes the difference between children and adults and has a Montessori-based curriculum aimed specifically at children. Before you know it your little one will be zooming along Singapore’s paths and park connectors!

Age: 3 years and up
Where: Several locations across Singapore, click here for the full list
How much: $165 for 4 lessons (Children below 7), $95 for 4 lessons (Children older than 7)

Skate With Us, Tel: (+65) 6246 6362, Email: [email protected]


Sailing at Mana Mana
What better way to spend the weekend than racing across the water? Mana Mana teaches sailing courses and dinghy racing, with splashing, laughter and sunshine thrown in for free. Be sure to layer on the sunscreen, and then lean back and watch your little pirate get his sealegs under control. Lessons don’t get cancelled if there is no wind! Instead the kids will be kayaking, surfing, paddling and generally mucking with water sports.

Age: 7 to 14 years
Where: 1212 East Coast Parkway, Area E, Singapore 449886
How much: $280 to $320 for members

Mana Mana, 1212 East Coast Parkway Area E, Singapore 449886, Tel: (+65) 6339 8878, Email: [email protected]

Other Outdoor class options:

Out of the box:


It doesn’t get more out of the box than Tanderra – the country club of your children’s dreams. It boasts several outdoors play ateliers, as well as a natural playground with blocks of wood and a trampoline. There is a spa, a café and soon there will be swimming pools (“baths”) as well. And then there are classes on everything from art to cooking to swimming, ballet, yoga… you name it. Tanderra is based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which lets children lead their own educational journey, simply providing them with the natural environment to explore. (And of course, a glass of wine for the parents in the officers’ mess!)

Age: 6 months – 12 years
Where: Block 73, Loewen Road, #01-21, Singapore 248843
How much: Tanderra is membership operated; $225 per month for Silver, $300 per month for Gold and $550 per month for Platinum.

Tanderra, Block 73, Loewen Road, #01-21, Singapore 248843, Tel: (+65) 6509 3468, Email: [email protected]

It’s easy enough to take care of children’s body and mind, but SoulKids aims to nurture their soul. This is a transformational program for kids, exploring their inner beliefs. Positive changes are made through games, play, experiential stories and teamwork exercises. Give your child the gift of soul strength to face the future with a confident smile.

Age: 6–15 years
Where: SoulCentre Academy, #12-04 Sunshine Plaza, 91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652
How much: Prices vary, enquire here for details!

SoulKids, SoulCentre Academy, #12-04 Sunshine Plaza, 91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652, Tel:(+65) 81287418, Email: [email protected]

Children seem to naturally embody the “live in the moment” philosophy, but as they grow older, they’re sucked into our stressful world too. These play-based classes give them age-appropriate tools to handle their emotions, leading to calm, confident and happy children. We’re hoping to pick up a few useful tricks ourselves along the way!

Age: 4-11 years
Where: The Open Centre, 100 Turf Club Road, Horsecity, Singapore 287992
How much: Fun with Friends (4-7 years): $680 (10 group sessions, 2 parent information workshops and all course materials) The resilient child (7-11 years): $580 (8 group sessions, 1 parent information workshop and all course material) Mindfulness program (7-11 years): $420 (6 group sessions)

Mindfulness, The Open Centre, 100 Turf Club Road, Horsecity, Singapore 287992, Tel: (+65) 6463 0291,

Performing Arts:


Act 3
Smart offerings from Singapore’s theatre company for the young, from hour-long parent-and-child movement workshops for 7 to 17-month-olds, to week-long dinosaur and animal role-plays for 3 to 7-year-olds, and explorations of the stories of Lord of the Flies and Hamlet for 8 to 15-year-olds.

Age: 7 – 15 years old
Where: ACT 3 Drama Academy, 126 Cairnhill Road, ONE-TWO-SIX Cairnhill Arts Centre, Singapore
How much: $280 for ages 18 months to 11 years, $ 450 for 12 years to teens per term

Act 3, ACT 3 Drama Academy, 126 Cairnhill Road, ONE-TWO-SIX Cairnhill Arts Centre, Singapore, Tel (+65) 6735 9986,

centre stage

Centre Stage School of the Arts
Dance, drama and music all in one fantastically energetic environment. Here, you will see your little one boogie to the woogie and pluck the stars during ballet class. All staff are primarily trained as performers themselves and their infectious enthusiasm will soon have every child clamouring to get on stage. Who knows, if you stay long enough, you might find yourself back in the limelight!

Age: 6 months old to adults
Where: Portsdown Road, Laguna Park on Marine Parade Road and Fusionopolis.
How much: From $40 per session.

Centre Stage Portsdown Road, Block 15 Woking Road, Singapore 138694, Tel: (+65) 6732 7211

Centre Stage Laguna Park, 5000G Marine Parade Road 01-32 Laguna Park, Singapore, 449290, Tel: (+65) 6449 6211,

Centre Stage Fusionopolis, Level 2, Ayer Rayah Avenue, Singapore, Tel: (+65) 6732 7211,

bubbling talents

Bubbling Talents at Media Academy
Do you have a budding TV star in your house? Does your child have an innate sense of the camera? Then look no further than Media Academy’s Bubbling Talents programme. Grounded in acting, this course also trains your tot in dancing and singing and lots of other performing arts. Students who attend this course will be given priority for casting calls and opportunities to perform on various platforms.

Age: 6-12 years
Where: 30 Merchant Road, #04-13 Riverside Point, Singapore 058282
How much: $1070

Bubbling Talents at Media Academy, 30 Merchant Road, #04-13 Riverside Point, Singapore 058282, Tel: (+65) 64358000, Email: [email protected]

Other Performing Arts and Music classes:

Science & Technology Classes:


“Invention” goes with “LEGO” and “Minecraft” like parmesan cheese goes with pasta, but WondersWork spices things up with knitting and crochet. Wait – knitting and crochet? Yes! Because working with textiles is just as much part of creating, building and designing as nuts and bolts are.  Workshops are inquiry-based, so you never quite know what your child will bring home – but you know they will have had a wonderful time.

Age: 5 1/2 – 12 years old
Where: 177 River Valley Road, Liang Court, #02-23, Singapore 179030
How much: $180 for 2 (2hr) sessions and up to $368 for 5 (2hr) sessions.

Wonder Works,  177 River Valley Road, Liang Court, #02-23, Singapore 179030, Tel:  (+65) 6333 4088, Email: [email protected]

Children’s Worklab
From Robobattles to building your own video games, Children’s Worklab offers it all in their weekend classes. A team of enthusiastic educators, scientists, engineers and technology fiends are ready to take your child by the hand and show them how to work technology. On offer are robotics, engineering, digital art and video game design. The classes focus on one technology, and are more structured and academically oriented than the holiday camps – but still very hands-on!

Age: 4-12 years
Where: 583 Orchard Road, #02-K1 Forum The Shopping Mall
How much: $330 – 380 per 4 (2 hrs) or 8 (1 hr) classes.

Children’s Worklab, 583 Orchard Road, #02-K1 Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore, Tel:  (+65) 6887 4547, Email: [email protected]


It’s not about the piano – MusicTec teaches children how to make music beyond the instrument. Children learn how to use audio equipment to set up a concert, to turn their self-composed tune into a ringtone or to create their own album. With a small, dedicated team of teachers, MusicTec certainly treats their students as more than just a number. Whether your child (or you!) would like to learn just for fun or to take it more ‘seriously’ to prepare for grade exams, we recommend checking out MusicTec. Classes are reasonable priced and the instructors are enthusiastic about music. If you have a “pro” interest in music, have a look at their Certificate in Song Arranging or Certificate in Home Studio Recording.

Age: All ages
Where: 9 Penang Road, #07-23 Park Mall, Singapore 238459
How much: Prices vary according to each course , click here for more details!

MusicTech, 9 Penang Road, #07-23 Park Mall, Singapore 238459, Tel: (+65) 6338 6788

Other Science and Technology class options:

Bonus classes: Singapore Community Centre:
Throughout Singapore are the Community Centres run by the People’s Association. These centres also offer courses, such as ballet or Bollywood dancing for children. Information on these courses (which are generally cheaper than the privately run ones) can be found on the website of the People’s Association. Be warned – the site is hardly user friendly! Your best bet is to first figure out which Community Centres are within easy reach of your location, and then to select courses at that location. Or even better, simply drop by and have a look at the notice board. That is where the most up to date information is! Alternatively, check out the website here!

All images sourced via the respective Facebook pages and websites.

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