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Sassy Mama Supports: Young Sun Troopers

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Good sun protection isn’t just about chucking on a hat and sunglasses mamas, and with skin cancer rates on the rise, we’ve all really got to be careful! One of the best ways to tackle the problem is with early prevention, which is why we’re backing the Young Sun Troopers campaign in an effort to help keep our kiddos happy and healthy.

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So what does the Young Sun Troopers campaign do?

Did you know it takes just one bad sunburn as a child to double your chances of skin cancer later on in life? This is where the Young Sun Troopers campaign steps in to help educate children and families on how to protect themselves in an easy and informative manner. With a super easy 3-step message that they take with them both in and out of the classroom, plus the help of cute cartoon mascots and fun events, kiddos just need to remember those S’s, mama:

  • Dress sun-safe
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Seek shade (during peak UV hours)

Young Sun Troopers Day - Spin The Wheel

What are the main aims and goals of the campaign?

The students (four talented young women!) behind the programme at Nanyang Technological University want to help kiddos aged 7-12 and their families develop a great sun protection routine to avoid skin and health problems later in life. And to be honest Singers absolutely needs it: in the past decade alone, rates of skin cancer have climbed 60%!

Young Sun Troopers Team

What can you do to help?

Raise awareness and practice early sun prevention, mamas! The Young Sun Troopers team have developed an adorable and informative brochure and activity booklet to help teach your child about staying safe in the sun; you can download it here. Alternatively, if you’re an educator, they’ve even made up lesson plans and teaching resources here to help you bring these important values into the classroom.

You and your kids can also check out the Young Sun Troopers Facebook page to enter the #SunSafeSG Contest. Just submit a photo showing how you stay sun safe and you stand a chance to win high-end sunscreen from La Roche-Posay worth $49.90!

So get wise, stay safe, and have fun, mama!

Young Sun Troopers,

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