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Sassy Mama Field Trip: Science Centre Singapore

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There are those outings that I know are a bad idea before I even set out on them, but somehow my intrepid, “I can do this” spirit carries me out of the front door before my, “Oh crap, maybe I can’t”, more-sensible side kicks in. So taking my seven month-old baby and my rather tired toddler (in the midst of potty training) to the Science Centre Singapore, was not one of my best plans ever!

To those fellow visitors who saw me and my little brood making our inelegant way around the exhibits, stopping for a huge melt-down temper tantrum and a wee-wee accident, it probably didn’t look like we were having a lot of fun! But I was really pleased by how much there was for my toddler daughter to engage with.

So let’s get to the good stuff – what was really fantastic?

Hits: The Science Centre is about as interactive a museum as you could ever hope to visit. From the moment you step into the building, there are buttons to push and tons of experiences involving all the senses to enjoy. Even though my 2.5 year old was far too small to understand the meaning behind any of the exhibits (it’s probably optimal for ages 4+), she enjoyed things like shouting into the echo tunnel, stepping into the “womb” to see the baby growing and much, much more.

cafeThe Science Centre café (which sells New Zealand Creamery Ice Cream – yum) has a small play area with various toys, which was probably my daughter’s highlight of the whole experience, naturally. Then of course, there are two great water park areas (one at the entrance to the museum and an even better one inside), which you’ll definitely need to bring a swimsuit or dry change of clothes for as it’s a lot of fun and you will get wet! When we went in the late afternoon on a weekday the water park was practically deserted, so we had it all to ourselves. It definitely knocks spots off Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden‘s water play area, just to provide a comparison.

Another big (and very appreciative) shout-out goes to the ladies at the Information Counter who called a taxi for us when it was time to go, and the security guard who helped us find said taxi and wrangle stroller/baby/toddler into the taxi. Family-friendly to the max!

science_centreAnd what was perhaps not so awesome?

Misses: The Science Centre is a very stimulating environment, so it was definitely overwhelming for my baby daughter, who with the benefit of mama hindsight I should have left at home. There were also a lot of school visits going on at the same time, which meant that some exhibits were crowded.

splishVerdict: For slightly older kids it’s an absolute winner –- who can beat the combo of interactive museum, café and water park?! If you’re looking for other family-friendly museums in Singapore, check out our round-up here.

Other stuff: If you’d like to make a day of it, another attraction located at the Science Centre is Snow City. We can’t wait to check it out, so keep your eyes peeled for another Sassy Mama Field Trip coming soon!

Science Centre Singapore, 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081
Tel: (+65) 6425 2500

Opening Hours:
Daily 10am – 6pm


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