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Sassy Mama Date Night: Unbeatable Steak Frites at L'Entrecote

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We say “date night” and you’re probably thinking; dressed up mama enjoying fancy food in a quiet candlelight setting. Well, how about a good ol’ steak with all-you-can-eat fries in a busy bistro? Now that’s what we call date night mama! (Hubbies around the world unite).

As the Euro-trash that we are, we sometimes get the urge to go for the full-on French bistro experience. Don’t get us wrong, we love the Singapore food scene and all that it has to offer but there aren’t that many great bistro options around this neck of the woods.


Enter L’ Entrecote in Duxton Hill. This place serves up a mean steak frites accompanied by a super yummy “secret” sauce as well as an endless supply of freshly made fries. Truth is, steak frites is the only main on this menu so you just need to worry about choosing a starter and a dessert. And as anyone who has been to a real French bistro knows, they tend to offer traditional fare such as Fois Gras terrine, bone marrow (but why oh why??), oysters and Roquefort salad for starters and then chocolate fondant, waffles with caramel sauce and real profiteroles for dessert. Need we go on? True to L’Entrecote’s bistro heritage there are no frills in terms of the presentation of the food or service at L’ Entrecote but it all tastes very good and authentic. They even have it down to the semi-snotty Maître d’, who will swish by every now and then.

There are however a few must-dos if you are to enjoy a visit to L’ Entrecote. Firstly, you kinda need to be a carnivore in order to enjoy your main course. You also have to be able to sit back and relax with a glass of red and enjoy a good half hour wait (at least) because this bistro doesn’t do bookings. Luckily they have a very nice little patio where a few tables have been thrown out with together with a set of old-fashioned fans that are meant to keep you cool. They actually serve up the starters outside but in order to enjoy the main meat, you will need to take it inside.


Prices are very reasonable which is a rare thing when it comes to international food in Asia (we wouldn’t dare to call something cheap for fear of retaliation from our well-informed readers). A 3-course meal for two people sharing a bottle of house red, which just so happens to be pretty good, will set you back approx $150 which is really rather decent given the quality of the food.

If date night feels a bit, how to say this, “last season”, then a bustling bistro is a perfect spot for a nice dinner with a group of friends!

L’Entrecote, 36 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089614
Tel: (+65) 6690 7561 (no reservations)

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 12PM to 10.30PM
Saturdays 6PM to 10.30PM
Sundays closed


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