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Rediscovery of You: Life coaching in Singapore for when you're drowning in to-dos

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It’s a fine line between being productively busy (where you are loving that satisfying feeling of ticking items off your to-do list) and drowning because your to-do list is overflowing! My pre-baby days were filled with an average of two jobs, dance classes, vocal tuition, courses, runs along the perennially stunning Bondi-to-Bronte coastline, and lazy meals with friends…

These days, with 14 years of motherhood under my belt, the term ‘languid’ has long since disappeared from my vocabulary and it is no longer just about me. The added challenge of moving countries (Sydney to Hong Kong to London to Singapore) over the last 12 years hasn’t helped. Life now revolves around running a busy household, my three daughters (aged 10, 11 and 14) and their schedules, their two dogs, and trying to keep us all on the ‘same page’ every now and then. Did I mention my allergy to dogs? Ah!  And so I digress! But this is the life I consciously chose for myself and  I do enjoy the satisfaction of it all ‘coming together’ (on most days). I confess though that on the odd occasion (with my needs so far down the priorities list) finding the ‘me’ in-amongst the bedlam becomes difficult – and I just feel invisible.

Sarah Bainbridge picCue Sarah Bainbridge. Life Coach and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Trainer extraordinaire.  As someone who has moved multiple times between the UK, Dubai, Tanzania and Singapore over the past 10 years, this mother-of-two knows first-hand the challenges encountered and the cultural, emotional and logistical trials that come with moving countries.

The anxiety that results from trying to settle your family into a new country can be overwhelming. Sarah helps by gently helping her clients identify the issues at the first session and then determining the desired goals. Tapping into the subconscious and using visualization and relaxation techniques, clients are then able to take away exercises to apply immediately leading to self-empowerment.

Why work with a life coach you may ask? Like any kind of training, having a coach helps you to not only objectively identify the steps needed to reach your goal, but also ensures you stay focused on the game plan. Not to mention that ‘accountability’ to someone else other than yourself is sometimes a great motivator. Ready to go? Sarah offers an initial 20-minute free consultation (either in person or over the telephone), then the first one-to-one session costs $150. Follow-ups are $130 and packages are available.

Not sure where to start? Maybe trying one of Sarah’s focal interest workshops will give you the jumpstart needed to live the life you want. Starting after Easter, the workshops will each have a particular subject matter, including “New Arrival? What now?”, “The Challenges of Parenting”, “Confidence and Self-Esteem” and “Getting the best out of your Relationships”. For more info on upcoming classes, contact Sarah directly by emailing [email protected] or via her website,


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