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‘Why I Love Teaching at GEMS’: An Interview with Primary Years Teacher Mike Gilmour

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Keen to learn more about the Primary Years programme at GEMS World Academy (Singapore), mama? We sat down with Grade 3 teacher Mike Gilmour to get the inside scoop on their unique and innovative approach to primary years education

When choosing a school in Singapore, mama, one of the best things you can do is meet the people who will be teaching your kids day in and day out. Teachers are so busy, though, it can be hard to get an in-depth feel for their philosophy and teaching approach! We sat down with Mike Gilmour, a Grade 3 teacher in the Primary Years programme at GEMS World Academy (Singapore), to find out more about how and why he got into teaching, his teaching style, and advice for other aspiring teachers. Read on for more from this dynamic Cape Town, South Africa native, mama!

What/Who inspired you to be a teacher?
My mother is a teacher and educational leader and she has been a big influencer and encourager of my career in education. In addition to my mother, I was fortunate to have several fantastic teachers while I was at school. I looked up to these teachers who motivated and inspired me to chase after my dreams.

What’s your favourite travel break?
My favourite travel destination is Japan. I love experiencing its culture and beauty, as well as the rich history.



How would you describe your teaching style?
I believe firmly that where there is interest, there is education. Therefore I try and make my lessons as engaging and interesting as possible. I enjoy exposing my students to real world situations and experiments outside the classroom through a variety of interactive and fun activities. I believe strongly in concept-driven, inquiry-based education where students take ownership of their learning and have the freedom to explore a wide range of topics and themes.

How is your classroom decorated?
My classroom has lots of student work displayed as well as a few interactive spaces for student expression. One of these interactive spaces is our class graffiti wall, where students can write their thoughts and opinions on specific topics at any stage of the day. There are different learning spaces spread around the classroom for the students to choose from, e.g. group tables, individual desks or bean bags. The students are free to move around to a space where feel comfortable that will assist their learning.



Can you name an amazing memory from your time as a teacher?
There are so many great stories that the students share with me. However, the best experience I have had is whenever a student or their parents come and tell me that I have had a positive impact on their life. It is a privilege to be a teacher and to have the opportunity to invest and positively impact a child’ life.

What’s the best advice you have for people who want to get into teaching?
Always remember that as a teacher you will impact a child’s life; choose to make it a positive impact!


Thanks Mike! Click here to learn more about the fabulous Primary Years programme at GWA (Singapore), mama. It’s all about inquiry-based learning within a context of international understanding to help students develop responsible global citizenship…sounds good to us!

GEMS World Academy (Singapore), 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039, Tel: (+65) 6808 7300 


Brought to you in partnership with GEMS World Academy (Singapore).

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