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Old school meets 21st century wellness at Feet Haven Reflexology

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Truly one of the best perks of living in Asia has got to be the massages, am I right mamas? From the soothing strokes of Bali, to the firm pressure of Thailand, to the hurts-so-good release of Chinese foot reflexology, we are spoilt for stress relief options here in the Little Red Dot.

In comparison to, say, Bangkok, though, it can be hard finding a good value massage. We don’t want to break the bank at a fancy spa every week, nor do we want to hunt down the best hole-in-the-wall foot reflexologist on the third floor of an old heartlands mall. What’s a weary mama to do?

Katong 2

Enter Feet Haven Reflexology. Founded in 2011 but staffed by truly experienced, old-school reflexologists, this boutique “foot reflex spa” is conveniently housed in two super-stylish shophouses in the lovely neighborhoods of Katong and Serangoon Gardens. It’s great for a pop-in (the 30-minute “Shiok Feet Express” starts at just 30 bucks), but with its natural light-filled, soothing interiors, its free-flow beverages, and its shelves stocked with books and magazines, you will definitely want to kick back and relax for as long as possible!

And don’t just take my word for it; Feet Haven was named “Best Foot Massage” in the 2013 Harpers Bazaar Spa Awards, and also received “Best Value Simply Her Foot Spa” from Simply Her in the same year.

Feet Haven balances the old-school benefits of reflexology with a hip and slightly cheeky attitude. The spas are staffed by experienced, no-nonsense uncles who really know their stuff, but while you recline in a comfy leather chair, you’re encouraged to give them feedback by holding up cards with messages like “Whack me, please!” or “Silence is golden”.

Adding to the hip vibe, there are paintings by local artists on the walls, and the spaces have even hosted neighbourhood theater performances. Meanwhile, the massage is to die for.


There’s something slightly magical about foot reflexology: as the uncle rubbed the side of my foot, he pointed to his shoulder, and amazingly I felt mine loosen as the tension melted away. He repeatedly prodded a specific spot on my calf to enhance blood flow, and for the rest of the day my weary legs, sore from a long run the night before, felt light and energised. The intense but invigorating session ended with a good hamstring stretch and a lovely cup of tea.

I received the signature 60-minute “Shiok Feet Indulgence”, a great deal at just $38. You can also go for up to 120 minutes of body massage, or do a combo like 45 minutes of foot reflexology with 15 minutes of neck and shoulder massage. If you truly want to bliss out, you can combine a 60-minute foot reflexology session with a 60-minute body massage for $98.

There are all sorts of saver packages on offer too, mamas, and trust me, you’re going to want to go back!

Feet Haven Reflexology
Katong Branch: 136 East Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 428821
Tel: (+65) 6344 7311

Serangoon Gardens Branch: 4A Maju Avenue, Singapore 556682
Tel: (+65) 6288 2314

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