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Affordable Electricity Bills are Possible with this Low-Cost Electricity Retailer

low-cost electricity retailer
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Looking for a better deal on your electricity tariff? Why not make the switch to a greener, low-cost electricity retailer like iSwitch?

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a major shift in a typical working day. As a result, more people have been working from home to stay safe. And while many report increased productivity during the work-from-home phase, there’s also been a visible increase in the average monthly electricity bill. However, you don’t have to stick with a single electricity retailer anymore thanks to the 2018 Open Electricity Market (OEM) initiative. In fact, savvy shoppers have begun enjoying savings on their electricity bills thanks to iSwitch.

your family can save money with this low-cost electricity retailer iSwitch

iSwitch offers lower electricity tariffs

Switching to this low-cost electricity retailer will benefit your wallet in more ways than one. Licensed by the Energy Market Authority (EMA), iSwitch serves both households and businesses in Singapore. To date, this electricity retailer has helped more than 100,000 households and businesses save on their electricity bill while going green.

Green electricity at no extra cost

This low-cost electricity retailer is focused on offering green electricity at no additional cost. What is green electricity, you ask? In simpler terms, it is carbon-neutral electricity that is generated through clean energy sources. It is particularly timely, as the world moves away from harmful fossil fuels towards green energy sources that can help minimise the global carbon footprint. All online sign ups of iSwitch residential plans are 100% carbon neutral, and a quick survey of iSwitch’s various price plans will show that the additional costs of providing green electricity are not passed on to you, the customer.

low-cost electricity retailer iSwitch has a simple signup process

iSwitch promotions for new customers

Switching to iSwitch’s affordable electricity tariff plans only takes five minutes when you sign up online. No documentation and paperwork are required, and the transfer typically takes about 10 days to complete. iSwitch also guarantees costs savings and the same, reliable electricity supply when you switch over from Singapore Power.

Sassy Mama team member, Carlijn, recently made the switch to iSwitch. “My husband and I noticed an astronomical increase in our electricity bills when we began working from home since the air-conditioning units in our workspaces were running all day, but I was just not willing to sweat it out while trying to stay alert and awake for work.”

Carlijn was pleased to discover how hassle-free it was to sign up for one of iSwitch’s low-cost electricity plans. “I didn’t have to change my electricity meter or disrupt my home’s electricity supply. I really appreciate that they offer flexible contract options – these vary from no lock-in to six-, 12-, 24-, and 36-month durations – which makes switching over so much easier. It is also a breeze to manage our account and access our bills both online and via their mobile app.”

Still unsure? Then consider trying the iSwitch2Green plan for six months, which will save you roughly $50 per month on electricity bills (savings are based on the national average of Singapore and your electricity usage). This plan allows you to offset the carbon emission footprint that comes from your electricity use – all at no additional cost, too! If you want to get specific, then iSwitch’s price plan calculator can tell you how much you’ll save based on the type of home you live in.

Start saving and make the switch now – your bank account (and the environment) will thank you!

iSwitch, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6955 9900,

Brought to you in partnership with iSwitch

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