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Stamford American’s Early Learning Village: A Preschool for the Future

math at the early learning village at stamford american international school
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Who says 3-year-olds shouldn’t pursue their passions? From violin lessons to specialist art classes, robotics and daily language instruction, Stamford American’s Early Learning Village is preparing young children for a global future

Since opening in 2017, the amazing Early Learning Village at Stamford American International School has drawn raves from families of all nationalities all over Singapore for its outstanding, state-of-the-art facilities, topnotch teaching, and innovative curriculum that prepares little ones for the future.

stamford american early learning art classes

What’s so special about Stamford American’s Early Learning Village?

Right from the start (18 months), the early years curriculum at Stamford American weaves in elements of ‘STEAMInn’ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths and Innovation). Teachers strive to help children develop a natural mindset of ‘design thinking’ and problem-solving, with an aim toward setting them up for a successful future, even though we don’t even know what jobs will look like in that future!

For example, Pre-Nursery and Nursery students recently had a unit of inquiry called “How does the world work?” Classroom activities and experiments included concepts of floating and sinking during water play, observing the changes in dough during a cooking session, and observing how water flows using tubes and funnels. Older children might learn about units of measurement and volume.

On the innovation front, at Stamford American technology is about much more than just iPads and IT. It’s about making something new through purposeful play. In Pre-Nursery and Nursery, children figure out how to get a Bee Bot robot around a corner. In Kindergarten, students might design a model car, or a house!

Creativity, and figuring out how to make things work better, are at the core of everything students do.

Teachers who specialize in Early Years education & Personalized Curriculum

Stamford American is unique among international schools for the way its Early Years teachers monitor children’s progress towards meeting developmental milestones. At Stamford American, educators use USA Gold tracking software to systematically record their observations of children’s everyday activities in the classroom. This helps inform each Early Years teacher as to the specific needs of each child to move forward in their learning. Using this detailed information, teachers might adapt spaces, or set up particular provocations or learning centres to meet the learning needs of their children.

stamford american early learning village suzuki violin lessons

A place where children can pursue their passions from the start

If your child shows a keen interest in music, sports or the arts, the Early Learning Village is a fantastic place to be! Stamford American’s Early Years program provides a variety of specialist areas taught by expert teachers: there’s Physical Education using the ‘Perceptual Motor Program,’ Art specialist time, both general music and weekly Suzuki music for EVERY child. That’s right: all children from age 3 and up receive a weekly mini session on Suzuki violin.

With the renowned Suzuki Method, young children learn firstly by focusing on the sounds and learn to play by ear before they read music. This also helps them become comfortable with the instrument. The Suzuki Method also goes far beyond just learning how to play an instrument; it’s also about character development. Through the Suzuki approach, children learning about time management, hone their ability to focus and take instruction, and develop leadership skills. Children will also have opportunities to play in ensembles and orchestras as they progress and move on to Stamford American’s Elementary and Secondary campus at Woodleigh.

Further rounding out Stamford American’s myriad offerings, children also receive daily foreign language instruction, with a choice between either Mandarin or Spanish.

outdoor playground at stamford american early learning village

Purpose-built classrooms with the ultimate flexibility

The Early Learning Village provides beautiful, light-filled balcony spaces that are very flexible and can easily allow teachers to change the classroom environment to best meet the needs of the class. Teachers, all early learning specialists, carefully plan the learning experiences and the environment to ensure that it’s always challenging and engaging for children. The Early Learning Village has lots of specialist and enrichment activities, too, with flexibility for families to extend the school day in the morning, afternoon or both. Add in facilities especially for young learners – including a swimming pool, multi-purpose hall, dance studio and outdoor playgrounds – and you’d be hard pressed to find a more spectacular all-encompassing learning environment for your kiddos!

Want to learn more about the amazing early learning opportunities at Stamford American? Schedule a visit today! Limited enrollment spaces are now open for all grade levels.

Stamford American International School
Early Years Campus: 3 Chuan Lane, Gate 4, Singapore 554350
Elementary and Secondary Campus: 1 Woodleigh Lane, Singapore 357684
Tel: (+65) 6602 7247

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