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How SAIS Supports Families Starting Infant Care

SAIS infant care program separation anxiety

In the specially designed Infant Care space at SAIS, love, care and respect are on the curriculum

Stamford American International School (SAIS) knows that starting infant care can cause separation anxiety for babies (and parents!), so their team of professional educarers are ready to support you and your baby through this settling in period. With two-, three- and five-day programs available, babies aged 2 – 18 months will enjoy the safe and engaging play space at SAIS, which encourages autonomous, uninterrupted play – supporting their natural learning. Infant Care Program teacher, Nurulhana Abdul Latif, confirms that carers are heavily invested in making sure children feel happy and safe in their environment. ‘We are led purely by the children’s routines as we believe in reflecting the biology of the infant and providing for their innate needs.’

SAIS infant care program

Before your baby starts at SAIS Infant Care, you will be invited to share your baby’s home routine, preferences and interests. On your baby’s first day you will meet their main caregiver or ‘person of permanence’ and have the opportunity to share more about your child while spending the day at the centre. SAIS regards this as a crucial part of the process, as the main caregiver can observe your child and learn some of their hungry and tired queues. It can also help to ease the level of separation anxiety for both parent and child, by building a level of trust and emotional security between all parties.

SAIS understands that settling in period will be unique and different for every child, and the main caregiver will maintain a close relationship with the parents during the first couple of weeks. Photos and information about your child’s day will be shared daily, reassuring you about your little one’s progress. The focus of the Infant Care team is on how they can be more in tune with the child’s needs by building a relationship with the child – SAIS believes that creating emotional security is the key in the settling process.

This Infant Care Program is also available at the Australian International School. For more information about the Early Years Program at SAIS, join their upcoming Early Years Infant Care Open House on 19 July 2019. Register now!

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