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Prepare Your Child for Their Future with GESS – International School

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After graduation, what comes next? Whether your child is heading to university or entering the workforce, GESS – International School will get them ready for what lies ahead!

Catering to students aged 2 to 18, the GESS – International School is a not-for-profit international school – with each dollar reinvested into teaching and learning. By offering the full International Baccalaureate (IB) and German curricula, coupled with the option for students to study their home languages such as German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, French and more, the school is an ideal choice for expat families moving to Singapore. While it started as a school for European expats, the school has since expanded and now offers Japanese, Mandarin, Korean and Hindi mother-tongue programmes as well. At GESS, each and every student is well looked after as the school provides tailored teaching, support and mentoring that is personalised for each student. GESS doesn’t just get students through school – they go one step further and begin preparing students for their lives after graduation too!

GESS International School

BeyondClassrooms programme

Launched in 2021, the BeyondClassrooms programme helps nurture students through industry talks, internship opportunities, career counselling, site visits and more. Partnering with multiple high-profile organisations, including BMW Group Asia to Siemens, BluCurrent, Volocopter, Evonik, Danfoss and more, GESS gives students the opportunity to learn more about the various industries through these partnerships. The very first batch of BeyondClassrooms internships at BMW Groups Asia kicked off in July 2022 and more internship opportunities will be offered next year.

Dedicated team of career counsellors & teachers

Supporting GESS high school students every step of the way is the dedicated team of career counsellors and teachers who are determined to fully prepare students for their futures. From organising the University Career Fair 2022 where more than 70 academic institutions were on campus to speak with students and parents, to Career Information Exchange where students are invited to speak to industry partners and gain insights and knowledge on the various industries.

GESS International School

New mentoring programme in middle school & tutoring in high school

Mentoring and coaching in education is a powerful tool for empowering learners, increasing engagement, building relationships of trust and support as well as creating a positive learning culture. The GESS Coaching Programme in secondary school unlocks our students’ ability to learn and develop, in addition to enhancing performance and fulfilling our students’ potential. It also creates an environment that helps students learn rather than be taught. It is not a one-size-fits-all process and is tailored to each individual student. Through regular mentoring and coaching sessions, students get to form strong bonds with their teachers as the new model of this programme increases the amount of time students spend with their homeroom tutors.

Developing self-directed learners with a growth mindset, students learn to set short and long-term goals with support programmes that ensure students achieve their goals. Teachers will also conduct regular check-ins to review students’ achievements whilst creating a positive learning environment that further supports and facilitates the process. Students in the Diploma programme are organised into tutor groups of a maximum of 12 students to ensure a smooth and effective preparation for the exams.

Learn more about GESS by visiting the campus during any of its upcoming Open Houses or roadshows! Alternatively, click here to book a date for your visit.

GESS – International School, 2 Dairy Farm Lane, Singapore 677621, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6461 0801,

Brought to you in partnership with GESS – International School

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