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7 Reasons Kids Can’t Wait to Head to PlayFACTO School For After-School Student Care & Enrichment

PlayFACTO School Open House 
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Happy kids learn better! PlayFACTO School instils Positive Psychology into its enrichment curriculum and offers a cosy space and yummy meals. See why students can’t wait to attend when you visit the upcoming Islandwide Open House!

Looking for after-school care for your kiddo? PlayFACTO School offers premium student care and enrichment that goes beyond traditional learning to cultivate happy, confident children! When your kids finish school they may be tired, hungry and a little drained from concentrating all day. PlayFACTO School know this and it’s why they’ve made sure that all of their 45 centres offer a welcoming home away from home for kids.

7 Reasons Kids Love PlayFACTO School:

1. Cosy Vibes

PlayFACTO School’s award-winning interior design has been specifically created to provide a cosy atmosphere for your child with comfortable nooks and corners to chill where children feel safe and nurtured.

2. Tasty Meals

Meals are provided and these are healthy, nutritious and MSG-free. Menus are carefully crafted with wholesome ingredients to fill little bellies and fuel growing minds – kids never eat the same meal twice in a month!

PlayFACTO School Open House 

3. Low Student-to-Teacher Ratios

Once kiddos have time to decompress and have a snack they’re ready to learn and grow! Educators here understand the significance of personalized attention in effective learning which is why they prioritize low student-to-teacher ratios. By keeping classes intimate, they can provide individualized guidance and support, catering to each child’s unique needs.

4. Homework Assistance

playfacto school

Students here benefit from an academic-focused approach with daily homework assistance offered so no child is left behind. With this support, kids grow in confidence academically and with themselves.

5. Coding & Robotics Allows Kids to Be Inventors

In addition to this PlayFACTO School offers a Coding & Robotics curriculum that teaches young students to become inventors – they become so inspired once they see their coding take shape into robotics!

6. Maths is Made Fun

The unique Creative Math enrichment programme offered uses a fun, play-based learning approach. Math is anything but boring here thanks to the highly interactive and engaging, hands-on activities, designed to help kids build the cognitive framework for a lifetime of success in Math.

7. Positive Psychology Nurtures Wellness in Kids

Positive Psychology underpins the curriculum at PlayFACTO School with an emphasis on wellness that leads to happy, confident children. The curriculum promotes emotional intelligence empowering children to become resilient, adaptable individuals.

Keen to see how your kids will blossom at PlayFACTO School, with the right after-school care and academic support? You’re invited to join Singapore’s largest islandwide student care Open House!

All the deets: PlayFACTO School Islandwide Open House 
– 22 July 2023
– 5 August 2023
– 19 August 2023
– 2 September 2023
Where: With over 45 beautiful centres located islandwide, there’s bound to be a PlayFACTO School near you!
Register: Sign up for PlayFACTO School’s Islandwide Open House now!

PlayFACTO School, 45 locations islandwide, Tel: (+65) 9773 4336,

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