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Tickle the Ivories for Less: New Piano Rental from Aureus Academy

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Encourage your child’s love of piano without breaking the bank with the new piano rental program from Aureus Academy

Does your child love the piano but you’re less than crazy about the high cost of purchasing one for the home, mama? And of course there’s every parent’s fear: that junior will love the instrument for a month or two and then move on to the next hobby. That’s an awfully dear piece of home décor!

Before making such a major investment up front, mama, why not give the piano a go on a trial basis? Starting this February, the musical maestros at Aureus Academy will introduce a fab piano rental program, where families can rent pianos for as little as $75 per month. That’s a whole lot more palatable than the thousands of dollars a baby grand’ll set you back!

All of Aureus’s pianos have been shipped directly from Japan and were hand-selected by prize-winning concert pianist Bina Jung, whom the Straits Times has praised for her “endless reserves of power for driving chords and kinetic octaves” and “sensitivity for the Mendelssohnian filigree”. All prospective customers can have an in-person consultation with Ms. Jung, who will help each student find the instrument that is best for them.

We love the idea of renting a piano when you’re just starting out so you have the flexibility of having the instrument in your home (ideal for practicing) without having to commit to the large purchase. It’s the ideal way to figure out whether or not a piano is right for your family.

Even cooler, Aureus is offering a rent-to-buy program, where you can put the first four months of rental costs toward the purchase of a piano, should you decide to eventually get one. If only Singapore landlords were so generous! Pianos vary in monthly cost from $75-$200 depending on make, model and brand, but every single one meets their high standards, and they’re sure to have the ideal piano to suit your family’s needs.

So what are you waiting for, mama? Swing by Aureus’s 1,500 square-foot showroom at Forum the Shopping Mall (located at unit 05-01 in the office tower) to take a peek at their topnotch pianos. As one of Singapore’s leading music education brands – with six locations, nearly 100 full-time staff, and over 2,000 students – you know they know their stuff.

Customers who commit to renting a piano before 31 January, 2017 will receive their first month FREE! Customers who prefer to wait to view in person at the showroom can take 50% off their first month.

Start making beautiful music at home today, mama! Click here for all the details!

Aureus Academy, see all locations here, Tel: (+65) 6235 6488,

Brought to you in partnership with Aureus Academy

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