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‘Support Whenever They Need It’: How This International School Helps Kids Manage Anxiety in the Uncertain Times

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The Perse School Singapore looks after the WHOLE child with its landmark approach to pastoral care

The Perse School Singapore opened in January 2020, bringing over 400 years of tradition, values and educational excellence to Singapore from its esteemed roots in Cambridge, UK. As a small school, The Perse School Singapore has been able to create a tight-knit community where everyone knows everyone, ensuring that each and every pupil is looked after as an individual. This is one of many ways in which pastoral care plays a key role in students’ experience at the school.

Pastoral Care – basically the combination of emotional, social and spiritual support – is at the core of The Perse School’s approach; of course they want students to be confident, resilient and independent, but knowing that support is always there if they need it is just as crucial to ensuring students’ happiness and ability to learn capably. This has been particularly valuable given how 2020 has unfolded so far; it’s completely understandable that children of all ages will experience one form of anxiety or another — Perse School is well-equipped to help each individual student in whatever way works best for them.

student wellness is a cornerstone of pastoral care at the perse school singapore

Along these lines, the naming of emotions is an important step in reassuring children that whatever they are feeling is completely natural. Perse recognises  that children have very good reason to feel anxious given the current global climate, but teaches its students that while we can’t (and shouldn’t) deny the way we feel, we can control the way we deal with these emotions, to ensure that our anxieties don’t stop us from living our best lives. Through its strong pastoral care programme, the school knows that the best strategies are different for every individual, and values working together to find what works best for each and every child.

teacher with students at the perse school singapore

The Perse School believes wellbeing is the foundation of every aspect of a successful education. Because after all, a happy, well-supported child has the tools to achieve their best, wherever their passions lie, both inside and outside the classroom. Perse School Singapore proactively achieves this in a variety of ways:

First and foremost, the school has its own PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) curriculum, which has a significant focus on wellbeing. Perse knows that getting the very best out of pupils starts with giving them the tools and support to look after their own wellbeing and happiness, and this applies at every age.

Secondly, Perse School Singapore has its own Head of Wellbeing and dedicated guidance room, a soft, child-friendly space filled with toys, teddies and puzzles to keep children’s hands busy while they talk. Here, pupils are given time and space to discuss any worries they might have – because at Perse, talking about feelings is both important and emphasised.

Want to learn more about this new international school and its strong, tight-knit community? Book a virtual school tour to meet the academic staff and see how a Perse education can benefit your child – academically and emotionally.

Perse School Singapore, 191 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 588180, email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 6971 8210,

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