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iPads Aren’t Just Fun and Games! This School Empowers Kids with Technology to Innovate

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We always hear that learning is fun, but at Nexus International School (Singapore), students really are enjoying their learning journey through transformative, technology-rich experiences that empower and challenge them

With students facing an ever-changing future, Nexus International School (Singapore) aims to nurture learners holistically by helping them develop critical thinking skills so they can succeed independently. Combining an innovative curriculum with its state-of-the-art campus that’s designed by educators, Nexus aims to create the optimal learning environment for its learners to achieve their personal bests. Here’s how the school gives students access to a range of different technological resources to empower them and develop a forward-thinking mindset.

Sparking conversations and ideas with technology

Smart devices play a large role in each learner’s daily lessons. iPads and MacBooks are essential tools in the classroom, even for their Early Years learners. The children in Early Years are introduced to technology by using iPads to take pictures or record themselves to document their achievements in the classroom.

Starting from Year 5 onwards, each learner in Nexus has a personal iPad or MacBook that they use to collaborate with their peers, stay connected and learn new information. These devices also provide access to apps like Seesaw and Canvas that not only help Nexus’ teachers provide speedy feedback to students themselves, but also serve as a great sharing tool for parents to see how their children are progressing daily in the classroom – parents can also use this to initiate conversations with their children about school life.

As learners grow with Nexus, they use their electronic devices and apps to retain notes, diagrams and designs used in the classroom, allowing for easier recall at different points of the day. It’s also a timesaver, as students use their iPads to copy digital diagrams and label them accordingly without needing to recreate them from traditional textbooks or paper notes. Nexus educators believe in these approaches, as it has helped empower learners to turn their ideas into reality. These tools are powerful and flexible, giving students plenty of room to problem-solve creatively and develop viable solutions which they can then share with their peers.

Within the school, you’ll also find ViewSonic TV sets that are Apple AirPlay compatible; these allow learners and teachers to display information within classroom spaces and in other necessary areas across the school – they can even notate on the screens themselves! While most students write on paper or in notebooks, Nexus learners can make use of the tables, walls and windows when inspiration strikes, as these are designed to be written on. It’s a great way to equip learners with independence and self-confidence, as they get to choose how and where they want to learn. Learners also work across a variety of platforms such as Ceramics, Art and Makerspaces, exploring their creative spirits as they go.

Encouraging an innovative mindset

Nexus teachers also recognise that tech will only go so far if students don’t use it to develop their full potential. That’s why, instead of asking students what they want to be when they’re grown, they ask “What problems do you want to solve?”. They strongly champion innovation in the classrooms and encourage learners to experiment without fear of mistakes. By impressing upon them that the learning experience is more valuable when they don’t succeed, they inspire students to uncover new ways to tackle any learning obstacle. Rather than focusing on memorising knowledge, Nexus firmly believes in instilling good habits that promote an inquiry-based mindset, while honing problem-solving skills that will propel them forward.

If you are keen to see how technology can spark the excitement of learning in your child, sign up for a personalised school tour at Nexus!

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654Nexus International School (Singapore), 1 Aljunied Walk, Singapore 387293, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6536 6566,

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