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Classrooms Without Walls & Windows That Can Be Written On: a School Campus Designed Differently

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From flexible Art and Music rooms to an impressive Sports & Aquatics centre, everything about the campus at Nexus International School (Singapore) has been designed to encourage learners to innovate, collaborate and learn

At Nexus International School (Singapore), learning both inside and outside the classroom plays a vital role in helping children become independent, creative learners. The experiences gleaned in these spaces are important in shaping globally-minded individuals who are brimming with critical thinking skills and enthusiasm for grasping new concepts. What sets this international school apart from the others? Two major things: the school’s educational approach is termed The Nexus Way, which is a guiding philosophy that incorporates key elements such as Mindsets, Relationships, Inclusion, and Innovation, and the school’s unique campus which has been purposefully designed to enhance the learning process!

Dreamt up by teachers and parents, designed by experts

The best way to build a campus that would benefit each unique child was to look to those who knew them best – their parents and Nexus’ teachers! Nexus consulted with their experienced teachers, and the school community and drew inspiration from other state-of-the-art schools around the world to build truly innovative learning environments. Nexus had already been working with their family community to develop classrooms without walls from as early as 2013, so roping in teachers and members of the larger school community was a must. In fact, many of the community’s exciting ideas were incorporated into the stunning new campus.

Music, Arts and Sports facilities that inspire

The campus’ purposeful design truly allows students to thrive. Some of the advanced ideas within the learning hub, include tables, walls and windows that can be written on. This encourages innovation and creativity; because by giving learners the opportunity to choose how and where they learn, the school empowers them to build independence and self-confidence.

The school’s Music department worked together on the recording studios, jam rooms and mixing rooms, and children can now work on complete projects without any obstacles. The Art department, on the other hand, has enough space to allow for exhibitions – these happen in between the design & technology room, kiln and teaching spaces. Additionally, Nexus’ specialist sports teachers helped design their impressive Aquatics centre, and the two, large air-conditioned gyms on campus have been built in a way that allows them to be split into four separate teaching areas.

As a result, the campus is filled with open-plan, flexible areas for Nexus students to collaborate, innovate and learn in.

Excited to explore Nexus’ purpose-built campus and facilities and see how your child can be inspired to learn? Click here to book a school tour!

Nexus International School (Singapore), 1 Aljunied Walk, Singapore 387293, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6536 6566,

Read more about Nexus’ approach to education below!

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