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Primary Learners at Nexus International School (Singapore) Show the True Spirit of Christmas with Social Initiatives

Nexus International School Singapore Social Initiatives
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While most children want toys for Christmas, these Year 6 learners at Nexus International School (Singapore) went the extra mile to help others with their social initiatives instead!

It’s never too early to expose your little one to global issues. And there’s really no better place to get them started on understanding local and global issues than at Nexus International School Singapore. After all, the environment at Nexus is a safe space – one that allows young learners to discover, question and learn, all while making mistakes without judgment.

For educators at Nexus, getting children to kick-start their own social initiatives around school is an absolute must, particularly when it comes to topics such as fundraising and sustainability. But beyond learning from their classrooms, Nexus also encourages its learners to spearhead or participate in various projects they are passionate about – an important part of the school’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). The school considers every child at Nexus capable of taking on a leadership role, through Primary Take Action Groups, Eco-Committees and Lead Learners (similar to a student council, except the children are the ones planning and organising their own initiatives).

Nexus International School Singapore Social Initiatives

Learning how to help others

The school’s work began in 2018 where the Nexus community organised their first ever Soles4Souls shoe drive, and received a positive response from everyone. They continued supporting the charity in 2019 during the school’s United Nations Global Goals Week. It is a key highlight in the Nexus calendar each year, where the whole school community comes together to pledge and commemorate the goals put up by the United Nations to make the world a better place. Last year’s initiative was an absolute hit, as Nexus families rallied together to donate 1,000 pairs of shoes, a clear indication of the school’s ethos. This success inspired Year 6 learners, Kevin, Finlay and Fisher, once more in 2020 – a year where it is more important than ever to help others.

Nexus International School Singapore Social Initiatives

Making a difference

Kevin, Finlay and Fisher decided to revisit a collaboration with Ten Feet Tall and Soles4Souls as part of their Primary Take Action group initiative this year. They started off by creating a marketing plan, complete with their own promotional video, and have been working hard to raise awareness within the Nexus community (all while adhering to social distancing guidelines!). Not only is this a great way to bring the community together with a learner-led purpose, but the initiative also helped shine a light on families that haven’t been as fortunate.

This is just one of the many projects that Nexus’ learners have embarked on over the years. Each one has been impressive, and has seen plenty of learners come up with creative solutions and opportunities to aid those affected by local and global issues alike. They demonstrate the children’s capacity to think and take responsibility for their learning journey – a clear example of the school’s success in establishing the PYP philosophy, providing an education that goes beyond surface knowledge and understanding.

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