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Teach Kids To Think Not Just Learn: The MindChamps’ Champion Mindset

The 3-Mind Education Model at Mindchamps Preschool
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Nurturing your child’s mindset today will equip them to problem solve, relearn, adapt and ultimately succeed in school and in the future

‘What makes a Champion is the Champion Mindset… More importantly, the Champion Mindset can be learned.’ – Emeritus Professor Allan Snyder, FRS

We all want the best for our kids. But it can be hard to know how to equip them with the right skills now, so that they are well prepared for whatever the future brings. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing our world and 20 years from now, many jobs – even in professions like Medicine and Law – will not exist as we know them today. So how can we teach our kids to outsmart technology? It’s not necessarily about knowing the right skills, it’s all about having the right mindset.

MindChamps PreSchool is big on nurturing the right mindset in our children today, to give them the edge tomorrow. This is the core of their revolutionary ‘3-Mind’ Education Model. With information readily available through technology, our children will no longer be rewarded for their ability to remember and recall information. Instead MindChamps believe it’s all about Creativity, Confidence and the ability to Collaborate.

Nurturing the mindset for success at MindChamp
Nurturing the mindset for success with the 3-Mind Education Model

The 3-Mind Education Model: Breaking Convention

MindChamps’s global research team has created a ‘3-Mind’ Education Model, synthesising the latest cutting-edge empirical research from the four domains of Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre. The 3-Mind education model is designed to develop three important mindsets:

1.The Champion Mind
As mindset is the most critical element to nurture in the world of AI, it is significant to know that MindChamps is the only education institute to have, as its Chair of Research, Emeritus Professor Allan Snyder, an international award-winning neuroscientist who coined the term Champion Mindset. Over more than two decades, Professor Snyder has studied the world’s most outstanding achievers in the areas of Business, Politics the Arts, Science and Sports and together with the MindChamps research and curriculum-development team, he has helped to create the unique MindChamps teaching methodologies for nurturing the innate Champion Mindset potential in every child. The Champion Mind is one that can identify and celebrate their own uniqueness; display the determination to learn from mistakes and adversity (grit), to ask what they don’t know and to confidently express their own distinctive ideas.

2.The Learning Mind
The MindChamps ‘Learning Mind’ curriculum is designed to develop the essential neural foundations of the life-long learner, focussing on ‘how’ to learn, rather than the traditional ‘what’ to learn. One your kiddo knows how to learn, they will also know how to unlearn and relearn. MindChamps uses brain-friendly learning strategies designed to instil the foundations for the enthusiastic life-long learning mindset and create interest and engagement in developing skills in pre-numeracy and pre-literacy in an experiential way. Read more about the MindChamps S.M.I.L.E.S.(TM) Curriculum for optimal brain development here.

3.The Creative Mind
Children are born with infinite imagination, however MindChamps believes that creativity, is far more than mere imagination. It is a craft which can and must be learned. Working with leaders in Theatre, Film, Music, Literature and the Arts, MindChamps incorporates Creativity and Theatrical StrategiesTMinto every aspect of the S.M.I.L.E.S.™ curriculum, to nurture the creative passion of every child – both individually and in collaboration with others.

MindChamps created the revolutionary ‘3-Mind’ Education Model to champion lending and build creative mind.
MindChamps created the revolutionary ‘3-Mind’ Education Model to champion lending and build creative mind

Mindchamp’s 3-Mind education model is taught seamlessly throughout the early years so that your kids develop a Champion, Learning and Creative Mind. It’s this future-forward mindset that will prepare your child for whatever the future has in store so that they can adapt, relearn, problem-solve and innovate to stay one step ahead in school and in life.

To find out more, participate in the MindChamps Welcome Day happening from 25 May till 13 July 2019 at over 30 participating centres islandwide.

All the details!
What: MindChamps Welcome Day
When: Mondays – Saturdays, 25 May to 13 July 2019 (Please check with respective centres on their operating hours prior to visit)
Where: Over 30 participating MindChamps Preschool, islandwide
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Free to attend but by appointment only. Click here to book your welcome day tour!

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