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Opportunities to Excel & Teachers That Go The Extra Mile: Students Discuss Why GIIS Stands Out

GIIS IB Results
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What gives a school an edge? GIIS graduates credit their success to the school’s welcoming and supportive culture, the dedicated teachers and the variety of opportunities to excel

More parents are seeking out schools that offer the IB Diploma Programme, thanks to its success at placing students at top universities around the world. Global Indian International School (GIIS) has been a popular choice for students who want to prepare for the International Baccalaureate Diploma. This international school offers holistic K-12 education at a moderate fee and stands out for its experienced teachers, welcoming culture and opportunities for students to find something that lights them up and allows them to excel and lead.

IBDP students at GIIS made the school proud this year by achieving a school average of 35.9 points, surpassing the global average DP score of 30.24 points. 38 GIIS students achieved scores above 40 points, showcasing their commitment to academic excellence. Two students, Shraddha Praveen and Praneeth Suresh, distinguished themselves by achieving a perfect score of 45 out of 45. Additionally, five students from the cohort have obtained near-perfect scores of 44 out of 45.

This year hasn’t just been one good year for GIIS – over 100 students have become IBDP World Toppers and Near-Perfect scorers to date! In 2023, GIIS’ IBDP students received offers from renowned institutions such as Oxford University, Imperial College, London School of Economics, King’s College, UCLA, University of British Columbia in Canada, University of Melbourne in Australia, National University of Singapore, NTU and SMU in Singapore, among others.

So what’s the secret to this school’s success? We spoke to 2023 graduating students at GIIS and here’s what they think makes GIIS stand out:

Supportive and Friendly Culture at GIIS

GIIS IB Results

Akshaya Singh says “GIIS was a formative time in my life, from which I have grown personally and academically. The experience was made most valuable to me by the people around me. Those who gave me support, and those who gave me the opportunity to develop and display my skills on different platforms. I am especially grateful for the mentorship provided by my teachers. This experience has gifted me lifelong friendships and the chance to discover my personal goals. It has allowed me to understand myself as a person and has taught me lessons that I will continue to carry forward in the future.”

Dedicated Teachers

It’s not just amazing facilities that make a school stand out. It’s the teachers who have the largest impact on kids and at GIIS, teachers are remembered fondly. Athulitha Bhuvaneshwaram says “Business studies and French are my favourite subjects. Both my Business and French teachers were beyond encouraging towards me and that helped me finally get a 7/7 in both mentioned IB subjects. Their guidance and detailed feedback helped me fine-tune and perfect my assignments.”

Praneeth Suresh credits his debate skills to his Theory of Knowledge classes saying “There were really intriguing discussions in class about ‘Knowledge’ questions. The way our teacher responded to our discussions made me better at debate – a skill that is very useful later on.”

GIIS IB Results

Opportunities to Excel and Lead

For Rituparna Mishra, it was the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities. “Throughout my 11 years studying at GIIS, I was able to participate in various House Activities and competitions. Additionally, I was part of the School’s Badminton team, and have secured gold, silver and bronze medals for various inter-school competitions. I was also active in athletics and secured many medals. I participated in dance performances for different occasions and have attended MUNs since 2019. In IBDP, I was part of the school’s Med & Vet Club and Dance For Change Club.”

Clearly, GIIS has made a positive impact on students who have gone on to top universities around the world, some on full scholarships. Keen to find out more about how GIIS nurtures its students and helps them succeed in different endeavours? Book a campus tour now!

Global Indian International School,
SMART campus: 27 Punggol Field Walk, Singapore 828649, Tel: (+65) 69147100
GIIS East Coast campus: 82 Cheviot Hill, Singapore 459663, Tel: (+65) 69147000

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