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Inspiring Passion in Kids With a Personalised Curriculum

explore school house
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Personalised curriculum to bring out every child’s passions and natural talents

In an ideal world, education would be personalised according to each child’s aptitudes, abilities and interests. Getting a one-on-one tutor isn’t a practical solution for most families – but what if there was a school that used a personal development plan catered to each child? Imagine a 7-year-old child could attend a grade 2 Maths class, a grade 3 Science class, and grade 4 English Language Art class. The Explore School House is that very school. Elon Musk and Sir Ken Robinson agree, that children excel when they can develop their interests and talents at their own speed and in their own way.

The explore school house personalised curriculum

Passion & Perseverance

There’s no lack of evidence to show that an awful lot of people today don’t enjoy what they do and they kind of just get through life. The Explore School House believes life is a journey and not a destination and thus is committed to helping students find their passion. The 8:1 student to teacher ratio ensures each child is being challenged appropriately beyond their abilities so as to develop perseverance and to go beyond what they believe they can do. Finding one’s passion (paired with perseverance) is what will make your child shine.

Kids Rule

At The Explore School House children are respected to have a say in their education, in what topics they want to cover, and how they should be assessed. To nurture each child’s passions and interests, there is project time twice a week at The Explore School House for students to work on projects of their choice and these will be showcased in the school’s fair twice a year. Children are even encouraged to make decisions on where they go for field trips and who to invite as guest speakers to make their learning richer.

Project time at the explore school house

Problem Solvers of the future

Rather than learn the solution, children are given time and tools to figure out different options. Every class starts with a problem. The students share what they think and the different strategies are discussed. The objective is not to find the right answer but to think about the different aspects of the problem and to understand that there’s always pros and cons to every solution. This is real life! This gives kids great communication skills as well as problem-solving tools.

Keep an eye on this school, mamas, they have big plans, including extending up to older grades so that students can stay at The Explore School House until they are ready for University!

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The Explore School House41 Sunset Way, #02-06 Clementi Arcade, Singapore 597071, Tel: (+65) 8826 6071,

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