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You’re Invited: Come and Discover Canadian International School’s Unique Outdoor Programmes

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Learn more about CIS’s outdoor learning programme at Outdoor Classroom Day on 17 May!

With their fab Outdoor Discovery Centres (ODC) – which students get to visit nearly every day as part of their daily schedule – Canadian International School (CIS)‘s one-of-a-kind outdoor learning programme has one of the strongest outdoor-oriented curricula in Singapore, mama!

CIS invites you to observe Outdoor Classroom Day in action at their next Open House! Happening on Thursday, 17 May at their Tanjong Katong campus, you’ll have the opportunity to observe what outdoor learning looks like with the help of CIS students from nursery to Grade 6! Watch how kindergarten students are taught simple math concepts like volume, weight and size in their mud kitchen, while older students learn math fractions using nature. There will also be a chance to listen to brief presentations by Head of CIS Peter Corcoran and Principal at Tanjong Katong Campus Angela Henderson. Check out the video above to see what learning activities students were engaged in at last year’s Outdoor Classroom Day!

In the meantime, read on as Open Minds Co-ordinator Christa Craats from the CIS Tanjong Katong Campus shares why CIS is so passionate about outdoor learning and some of the key reasons she thinks so many people are talking about its programme.

What are the main benefits for children learning outdoors?
It allows them to explore a natural environment that they are often not exposed to. They’ll use their natural curiosity about the world and how things work, and can then make connections between their own life and the world around them. Children can develop their gross and fine motor skills and coordination through the unexpected, challenging and engaging learning experiences, across all subjects, from maths to language and science.

Why is CIS’ outdoor learning programme so special?
Outdoor learning plays an integral part in a student’s education at CIS. No matter the age or subject, we aim to extend lessons into the outdoors whenever there is the opportunity for students to learn in a purposeful manner. It isn’t just something we try to do now and then, but instead something we try to do every day

The length and focus of our outdoor learning programmes varies depending on the age group. In Kindergarten, outdoor learning is inquiry and play-based and takes place in our Outdoor Discovery Centres. In the older grades, it involves lessons in our Outdoor Discovery Centre as well as field trips, excursion week and Open Minds – innovative learning experiences that moves the classroom into a variety of real-world settings (e.g. stepping into the shoes of a botanist during a visit to the Sungei Buloh Wetlands). We were the first school in Singapore to adopt this teaching approach.

All of our outdoor learning experiences focus on allowing students to make authentic connections to their learning, as well as developing an understanding and appreciation for the world around them. We aim to teach students how to think and solve problems in creative and open minded ways.

What is your favourite part of CIS’ outdoor learning programme?
I am biased, but Open Minds! I love seeing how excited kids are when we visit new sites and listen to the questions they ask and the conversations they have with each other. It really engages kids in their learning and encourages them to take their learning to a deeper and more meaningful level.

Want to find out more about Open Minds and other awesome programmes at CIS, mama? See you at the next Open House on 17 May!

All the details!
What: Canadian International School Open House
When: Thursday, 17 May, 8:30am – 10:30am
Where: Canadian International School (Tanjong Katong Campus), 371 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437128
How much: Free! RSVP here or call (+65) 6734 8088 for more details!

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