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No Ordinary Open House: Canadian International School’s Open Minds Programme @ Gardens by the Bay

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CIS takes learning off campus and invites you to experience the Open Minds programme in the Gardens

Do the terms ‘field trip‘ or ‘learning journey‘ mean anything to you, mama? What about ‘Open Minds‘? What all of them have in common is off-campus learning, a highlight of most children’s school lives! We all remember our first excursions to the zoo, or visits to any one of Singapore’s fabulous kid-friendly museums.

Open Minds trip to Bollywood Veggies, a local farm offering various farm activities and tours

You’re Invited: Open Minds Experience

At Canadian International School (CIS), field trips are taken seriously thanks to their primary school Open Minds programme, which allows students to take learning out of the classroom and into the world around them. Head down to Gardens by the Bay on Thursday, 9 May and experience Open Minds for yourself, mama! You may just be reminded of the good ol’ school days as the CIS team takes you through a a fun and interactive morning at Gardens By the Bay’s Sun Pavilion. Dr Plog, Chief Scientist from the Mars Space Agency will engage you in a wide range of authentic and enriching, hands-on activities as you explore and discover all the the fascinating facts about how living things are connected to the environment in which they live.

The morning’s activities will mimic the type of learning CIS’s primary students are exposed to through the programme, along with a facilitator providing an informative, engaging explanation about the reasons behind the choice of each activity. It will also be a great chance to meet like-minded parents and experience something unique, with light refreshments (coffee, tea, fruit juice and pastries) served at the end of the programme at a nearby cafe for free!

CIS students interviewing members of the public to learn about migration

Instead of simply explaining an idea through watching a video or looking at pictures in an textbook, Open Minds teaches concepts through innovative, authentic learning experiences in a variety of real-world settings outside the classroom. It’s much more than just a routine, generic school excursion where students turn up and walk around looking at things. Instead, they’re taught to engage in a range of stimulating hands-on activities to unpack and make sense of what they’re looking at.

All Open Minds activities aim to fully immerse students in a topic, where they’re encouraged to use all their senses and collect primary data to back up their reasons or arguments rather than just relying on someone else’s discoveries. Each activity has a purpose and connects back to the curriculum. They help make abstract concepts more concrete, creating memorable learning experiences and building rich, authentic questions that can be investigated once the students are back in the classroom.

See you at Gardens by the Bay, mama!

All the details!
When: Thursday, 9 May, 9am – 10:30am
Where: Sun Pavilion (Cactus Garden), Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953
How much: Free!
RSVP: Click here to RSVP!

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