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Wondering if Boarding School is Right for Your Child? (Hint: The British Boarding Schools Show Singapore 2019 Will Help!)

British boarding schools show singapore 2019
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The UK’s leading boarding schools gather under one roof at the British Boarding Schools Show Singapore this November. Don’t miss this chance to meet educators and get key entry requirement info!

Interested in a British private education for your youngster? Then put 23 November 2019 into your diary for the British Boarding Schools Show Singapore 2019 taking place here in Singapore at the Shangri-La Hotel. Hobnob with the Heads and Admissions Directors of some of Britain’s most prestigious boarding schools such as Millfield School, Concord College, Heathfield School and many more (full list below), and get first-hand advice on entry requirements, academic scholarships and bursaries.

Wondering whether you could handle sending your kiddo all the way to the UK? Below we hear from Mr Lim,* a Singaporean father, on what he learnt from attending the show and how he chose a boarding school for his son.

Find the right fit school at British Boarding Schools Show Singapore 2019

For the fifth year running, the British Boarding Schools Show brings top UK schools to your door so you can talk to school Heads about their school philosophy, understand the pastoral care offered, and what they excel at. If you are wondering how to choose the right school for your child, at what age they should board and how to prepare your child for entrance exams, all these questions will be answered at the show by education consultants led by William Petty, Director at Bonas MacFarlane, London’s leading educational consultancy. According to Bonas MacFarlane, you should research finding the right school fit for your child (in terms of coed vs all girls or all boys, whether the school will catering to your child’s interests and needs, etc) rather than choosing the school solely for its name. By attending the show and hearing what all the experts have to say you’ll already be closer to narrowing down the best fit. Plus, alongside education experts there will be property and relocation experts so that you have all the information you need to plan every aspect of your child’s entry into the world’s most prestigious English language schools.

British Boarding school show singapore 2019
The allure of a British education – find out more at the British Boarding Schools Show Singapore 2019

Worldwide interest in British boarding schools continues to grow with 41% of boarders in UK schools coming from overseas families. The benefits of boarding at a leading British school are recognised by both UK and US university admissions teams, who welcome the confident, well rounded graduates into their fold. It’s no surprise that alumni go on to become business leaders, politicians, academics and athletes.

Mr Lim attended the very first British Boarding Schools Show in Singapore four years ago as a fact-finding opportunity but quickly realised that he wanted a British education for his son, which he sees as “the best 360-education you could find in the world.” We asked Mr Lim about his family’s experience with British education.

What was the allure of having a British boarding school education for your son?
Both my wife and I work incredibly hard and spend a lot of our working life travelling. This has meant that we have been lucky enough to be exposed to many different cultures and met a large number of people who have been educated at boarding school. We felt that these individuals tended to be very well balanced, and when looking at this aspect we identified that most of these people had been educated in the UK.

What you are loving about the experience?
Seeing my son grow in to a confident and well round individual, with a group of truly international friends that we hope he will keep through life.

How you ensure the family stays connected?
With technology today, this tends to be very easy and the school is fantastic about ensuring time is put aside to allow us to speak with the time difference.

British Boarding Schools Show Singapore 2019
How to choose the right leading British boarding school?

Did you struggle with the distance/time difference?
It is fair to say that my wife seemed to struggle the most with the distance aspect, but with us both working internationally we are very used to dealing with the time zone issue.

Were there any unexpected challenges that your family faced?
I think the only thing that was slightly unexpected was the fact that my son now tidies up after himself, which is clearly something that has been drummed in to him at school, but I would not say it was a challenge, more of a blessing!

What skills are you hoping your child will acquire from an overseas education that they might not necessarily get otherwise?
The dream for us was to ensure that our son had an international network that he would be able to utilise in his future. Alongside this was that sense of independence that would allow him to grow and be nurtured in a peer-to-peer environment. I am delighted to say that so far he is showing all of this and we truly believe that we have made the right decision, by sending him to boarding school in the UK.

Exhibiting schools at British Boarding Schools Show Singapore 2019

Ardingly College
Bede’s Preparatory School
Cobham Hall School
Concord College
Felsted School
Fettes College
Framlingham College
Gresham’s Hazlegrove Prep School
Heathfield School
King’s Bruton
Lancing College
Lockers Park School
Loretto School
Marlborough College
Millfield Prep School
Millfield School
New Hall School
Oundle School
Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate
Royal Alexandra and Albert School
Royal Hospital School
Stonar School
Strathallan School

All the details!
What: British Boarding Schools Show Singapore 2019
When:  23 November 2019, 11am – 5pm
Where: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350
Tickets: Family tickets are FREE. Premium tickets are £50, which includes a 20-minute consultation with a Bonas Macfarlane consultant to discuss school options, transition and strategies to optimise the move. Register now at

Brought to you in partnership with British Boarding Schools Show Singapore 2019   *Name changed for privacy

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