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Brighton College (Singapore): The Unique Academic Benefits of a Primary School International School

Brighton College (Singapore) prep school international
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Find out how Brighton College (Singapore)’s unrivalled programme will get your kids on the right academic start with their focus on Primary School education

Earlier this year, we were introduced to Brighton College (Singapore), a new international school with an academically selective curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities. Accepting students this August 2020, the school will focus on Primary School education based on the English National Curriculum with the cohort ranging from just 18 months up to 11 years old.

Focusing on Primary School in international school education has proven to benefit students more, as opposed to the usual through-school model in most international schools. Students will be better prepared for senior school and beyond thanks to Brighton’s unique academic and pastoral benefits, allowing them to acquire more in-depth subject knowledge alongside a nurturing relationship with their tutors. Pupils will enjoy frequent opportunities for leadership, independence and collaboration, as opposed to through schools where those roles typically go to the older students. Children in a primary-only setting can also develop a real voice and a sense of leadership and ownership of their school, equipping and readying them for the exciting step of moving on to a new senior school setting.

brighton college singapore head master Paul Wilson reading with students

By adopting the small pastoral group method in the final two years of its Prep School, Brighton College (Singapore) ensures that teachers acting in these mentor roles have the necessary time to spend significant 1-on-1 time with each child, helping them where necessary. They’ll also be a guiding support and will get the chance to communicate quickly and efficiently with parents. Independence, organisation and ownership over their own learning are easier to teach in a nurturing and protective environment. This helps to ensure that when they arrive at their new school in Year 7, they are prepared to be in settings with much less direct supervision than in primary school – and in environments likely to be much larger and more overwhelming.

“As a stand-alone primary school, we are not slave to preparing our children for a particular route, but are able to tailor our curriculum to best suit the needs of the individual children in our care,” says Lois Pugh, the school’s Deputy Head. “Also, our small size means teachers can constantly meet and share best practice and really get the most out of their own learning journey, as well as sharing their knowledge and ideas for individual pupils.”

Teachers did we mention it’s a fully British classroom teaching staff? – are also encouraged to further their education in various academic subjects, following Brighton’s belief that excellent teachers are also excellent learners. Continual learning and sharing of best practices with educators from around the world ensures that they are aware of continual changes within their areas, providing children with an opportunity to work with expert educators to encourage higher-order thinking.

All that’s to say that students will truly be in good hands, mama! Brighton College (Singapore) has every student’s interests at heart and will support children in their readiness for senior school.

Brighton College (Singapore) is currently running 1-on-1 personal virtual tours led by its Head Master, Paul Wilson. They’ll also be hosting a virtual Afternoon Tea (Open House) running on Friday, 8 May 2020.

Places for August 2020 are limited. Applications are now open, mama! 

Brighton College (Singapore), 1 Chuan Lane, Singapore 554299, Tel: (+65) 6505 9790, [email protected],

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