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IMC: The Children’s Clinic That Mamas Trust for Newborns, Kids, and Teens

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IMC Children’s Clinic is a Paediatric practice that provides evidence-based and caring medical care for children from birth to teenagers

Life is stressful enough – kids’ medical checkups shouldn’t be! Imagine a friendly and welcoming clinic with calming interiors, and painless blood tests (yes, it’s possible!). This children’s clinic has four great doctors all with a wealth of experience with kids and teens and an overall holistic, judgement-free approach to mental health. It’s none other than International Medical Clinic (IMC)’s Children’s Clinic!

We love that everything at IMC is done with children in mind, ensuring kids are calm and comfortable every step of the way. If you’re expecting a little one soon, IMC can provide all of the same newborn and developmental checks as paediatric clinics! They’ll arrange an immunisation schedule that suits your preferences while keeping in line with necessary procedures.

The doctors at IMC aren’t just General Practitioners – they’re internationally recognised Paediatric doctors that have trained in the UK and US with decades of experience.

IMC Children’s Clinic: Medical Care for Newborns and Kids

IMC Children’s doctors have worked in trauma centres, specialised in cardiology, acute, primary and critical care, ongoing child’s health issues and more. Even their nurses are highly trained and have specialised in children’s medicine! This means they are masters at distraction and engaging with children, which is especially helpful if a child has special needs or anxiety issues.

IMC Children’s Clinic is also fully equipped to conduct blood tests on site, saving you and your kids trips to other medical facilities  (and potentially lowering any anxiety!). Their dedicated rooms are well decorated and colourful, and their clinical team are pros at ensuring children (and parents) are calm while blood is being drawn. It’s also a suitable private space for teens who need to ‘freak out’ in private! Doctors and nurses take extra steps to make it an even smoother experience for kids by using numbing cream, cold spray, and not rushing the process.

Adolescent Health Screenings for Teens

If you’re concerned about your tween or teen’s health in particular, IMC now offers Adolescent Health Screenings for children aged 10 and above. These targeted health screenings can uncover areas of concern and detect problems such as fatigue with the intent of early intervention. The onset of puberty, for example, brings on physical and mental changes which make children at this age emotionally vulnerable. Oh how we wish we had these screenings when we were going through puberty!

A health check provides valuable insight into how they are dealing with these pressures and can identify areas in which they may need extra support. The screening may include a blood test which will check for Anaemia, Vitamin D levels, Thyroid function and inflammatory markers. IMC can also do a lifestyle check such as observing teenagers’ melatonin levels (the hormone responsible for our natural sleep-wake cycle), which are different to adults, to assess sleeping patterns that may need to be looked at. Plus, they have an onsite dietician to help children and teens with their eating habits.

IMC can even refer parents and children to suitable therapists and psychologists – further showcasing their holistic approach to health issues.

So if you have a newborn, preschooler, tween or teen, why not schedule a checkup at the IMC Children’s Clinic where your family will feel cared for and comfortable no matter what issue the doctors are helping with. 

International Medical Clinic – Children’s, 1 Orchard Boulevard, 
#14-01/02/03 Camden Medical Centre, 
Singapore 248649, Tel: (+65) 6887 4440, [email protected],

Brought to you in partnership with International Medical Clinic

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