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Why Intercultural Education is a BIG Deal at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

Intercultural Education at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)
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Does intercultural education help create well-rounded students? The team at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) says yes! Find out how culture is celebrated here plus how to save $6,000 when you enrol

Buzzwords like ‘diversity’ and ‘multicultural’ are often thrown around in conversations about daily life these days, but what does it really mean, particularly when it comes to your child’s education? The answer to that question lies within GEMS World Academy (Singapore)‘s approach to intercultural education in Singapore.

Ahead of the game

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is already a seasoned pro when it comes to diversity in its classrooms. After all, its student population is made up of more than 60 nationalities. The teaching staff here represent more than 20 nationalities, with each teacher bringing plenty of experience and expertise that helps enrich your child’s exposure to different global cultures. But GEMS doesn’t just aim to provide its students with a well-rounded education. “We also strive to develop and nurture their intercultural understanding and respect for cultural diversity,” says Vanessa Samuel, the school’s Primary Years Counsellor. “With great pride, we can say that GEMS is a ‘melting pot of cultures’ and we have developed a fascinating intercultural understanding within the school community.”

What is intercultural education?

Intercultural education aims to go beyond passive coexistence. Instead, it aims to achieve a sustainable way of living together in multicultural societies. “This is done through the creation of an understanding of, respect for and dialogue between the different cultural groups,” Vanessa explains. It’s something GEMS and its team of educators hold close to their hearts; after all, prioritising intercultural education from a young age will help children develop the necessary skills and knowledge to build a more tolerant and inclusive world.

Intercultural Education at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) - Cultural Day celebrations

How GEMS World Academy (Singapore) promotes intercultural education

The easiest way to integrate intercultural education into its syllabus is through various cultural events. These come to life in the form of observing festivals, Language and Cultural Week celebrations and much more.

“Language and Cultural Week is one of our favourite and exciting events of the year. It takes places once a year, we all dress up in our own national costumes and share our traditions,” enthuses Vanessa. It provides both the student body and the GEMS staff with a memorable experience, as everyone comes together to share their languages, cultural values and beliefs.

As part of this activity, GEMS recently had a chance to celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Students and staff alike were dressed up in traditional Indian clothes, the school was decorated with colourful displays, and students decorated their classrooms with beautiful Rangoli displays; an experience that exemplified awareness and recognition of the nuances of another culture.

A lifelong journey

It’s important to note that intercultural education isn’t just about developing essential cultural awareness. Instead, says Vanessa, the goal is to develop cultural humility, which is a lifelong process of self-reflection. “Not only does it encourage a respectful attitude towards other cultures, it also pushes our students to challenge their own cultural biases and realise their own limitations about cultural knowledge.”

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